Friday, 12 June 2009

Albie gobbles up KP

Gobble gobble. You'd think the same too if you saw the following:

He was just really happy is all. That's how 28 year olds look when they're happy, like the innocent bliss you feel when you don't know that later in the day you won't get a chance to bat because a fat fucker hogs the limelight. That same man then goes on to be MoM when clearly it should have been Albie getting it, JUST BECAUSE.

If I had to nominate the best South African bowler in the England match, it would be tough. Because there was no clear winner, they were all great. Oh fuck it, one of them was clearly the best.

Have a guess. Go on, guess.

If you thought Wayne Parnell, get the fuck off this blog.

I'm talking about the REAL star whose efforts went unnoticed, even though he bloody well bowled the best he ever has in his life. Yes, it was Albie Morkel the 28 year old. He went for no runs at all in his spell, his extremely long, hard fought spell. The one over spell which took concentration far beyond that which any other all-rounder in the world possesses. It wasn't just a maiden, it was a wicket maiden, as Albie ran down the pitch and gobbled up KP with his large mouth.

I'm sure if Albie had bowled more overs, he would have repeated exactly the same thing. That would silence all his critics.

England were... well, they were England. I'm sorry for them, I really am.


boncam said...

Thank you so much for this post. I agree. The fantastic Albie & ROFL the hobbit, made an awesome team. Smith commited suicide. (Thank goodness.) If only Kallis did the same. You could see that Gibbs tried to play agressively. Did they even consider the NRR? There are 10 batsmen in the squad, they could have made a mockery out of England.

The woes of being a bowler.... Albie deserves the MoM more than Kallis. But for goodness sake who made the decision. Clearly the bowlers were far better than the batsmen. They always favor them.

Another thing to note is that Parnell is an all-rounder. (I didnt know that.) Why is he at the bottom? First class match: Playing for Kent he got 90.

Esra_Star said...

Nothing better than Albs and ROFL taking KP down. The English are biased and enjoyed Kallis' batting because it was slow and boring, just like themselves...

At least AB stayed in his box. Thank fuck!

Stani Army said...

At one point there was a long discussion on who to bowl; Albie with his wicket maiden or Van Der Man who was going at 9 per over. Smith decided Van Der Man. Good call as he got the break through. Albie woulda jus shagged things up. He hasn't really contributed much to SA's succes so far.

Anyone see AB's fielding? Awesome init Ames/Es?

Esra_Star said...

You know who's an awesome fielder Stani? Not you! haha I kid, I was actually thinking Brendon McCullum was rather awesome against Ireland. I like him behind the wickets but he's a gun fielder, better than AB.

boncam said...

Esra, so true about those English bitches. The WC is boring. Where is the interviews with random players at the dug out? Is there any entertainment?

McCullum is a fantastic fielder. I thought ROFL did better than AB.

Did I mention today? I HATE KALLIS.

Stani Army said...

Es! That's my favourite part of the game. I love diving around. How could you say that.

As for McCullum....he looks strangely odd in the field. Some people should just have gloves on and stand behind three pieces of wood. Seriously, I can't even look at him when he's just looks disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Parnell was the key bowler, Albie not belted for once though.

Amy said...

Boncam, well, Jacques Kallis coming out tops in a T20 match against England is mockery enough.

Esra, I saw that sly remark about the Brits there. Don't think KP won't take the issue up with you.

Stani, AB looks like a ragdoll in that uniform. Ragdolls can't field. Things that can't field are dicks. Dicks are to be kept in pants according to AB. Only losers wear pants. Therefore AB is a loser.

Anon, you just have to squint and then you'll see Albie was the real key bowler.

Esra_Star said...

I was a shit fielder, much better with wood in my hand.

Oh and Stani, I think we need to have a little talk. Baz is a favourite of mine!

Amy said...

I once hit the best Vic bowler on the state schools side for a big six which got lost in a reserve near the ground we were playing at. It was pretty fucking awesome. She now plays for the Southern Stars, but I won't say who because that'll give it all away.

boncam said...

Well I am off to SuperSport/ AB's blog to tell them just how I feel.

I am very unhappy about this. How is it possible for ROFL to be named MoM in the previous game?
ROFL got 2 wickets for 14 runs
As much as ROFL deserved it, Wayne deserved MoM for yesterday's game.
Wayne got 3 wickets for 14 runs

This is going on my 'Kill Kallis' list. (If only I had one.)

Stani Army said...

Es, don't worry about Ames and her KP threats. Just get your favourite dutch bloke Dirk Nannes on her.

And what would you like to talk about my lovely?

Ames, pants can be smart and dicks make life. We are all here because of some dick.

Esra_Star said...

I can handle myself in a shit fight with KP, but if I need someone with chainsaw experience I'll give Dirk a call.

Stani, you need to teach your boys the Stani art of fielding. As at the moment they're fucking crap and are going to fail...

Stani Army said...

They don't believe in fielding Es. Just like some batsmen believe spinners shouldn't exist, Pakistani players believe fielding shouldn't either. It's a hassle, something that gets in the way of bowling and batting.

Anonymous said...

SA is ace in the field.

boncam said...

Well, look at that, even Smithy is praising Parnell. He knows who the true star was.

Amy said...

Well, look at that, even Smithy is praising Albie. He knows who the true star was.

Yeah, Boncam, I agree entirely.