Friday, 19 June 2009

The Real Wizard

Harry Potter is at the World T20 and not in the form of Daniel Vettori.

It is, of course, Daniel Radcliffe. Another Dan, another man. Or slightly post-pubescent boy.

Don't allow yourself to be tricked by his ways. The question is, is he really enjoying it? Or is his unfortunate facial structure preventing him from doing so?
This also gives England the handy excuse that the real reason they bowed out of the tournament was because an evil sorcerer had been magicking Stuart Broad's brain into mush and invading Colly's mind with unimaginative field placements.


Anonymous said...

If that's your picture off to the side there, I'd say you're a minger yourself. I'd also have to say your IQ is down in the single digits if your article is anything to go by. That picture was taken when England won the game. As for Dan's "unfortunate facial features", they have women of all ages crushing on him. And men. The same probably isn't being said of you.

Stani Army said...

He's drunk.

How did you manage to upset Anonymous Ames?

I haven't met Ames myself but I have to say, judging by my assessment, her IQ is pretty high. I would say 132+. That's nearing the top 5% of the population (140 = top 5%).

IQ tests are b******s anyway though. You cannot measure intelligence. As for beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder (thankfully for Jacques Kallis).

Esra_Star said...

What the fuck? Seriously! You can take cheap shots at a person you don't know, yet you won't leave a name. Well done!

boncam said...

By the look of it, the Cricket WC must be far more entertaining than the Quidditch World Cup.

Ames, now you have the crazed AB/ Potter fans on your case. Its a pitty Smithy has no fans.

Amy said...

Anon, shit, better go tell the boyfriend I look like a bloody cartoon. Sweetheart, I don't know if you're aware of this, but that picture is a drawing. And the date of the photo has no relevance to the point of the post, but seeing as you care so much, yes I did know when it was taken. Why the fuck would he cheer them on during a loss?

Stani, you underestimate me. My IQ is more in the 150 range.

Esra, it's blasphemy to leave a name. That would imply you aren't a spineless coward.

Boncam, I attract them in droves. I love it.

Also everyone, please be aware the only measure of your worth is how many people are attracted to you. Woohoo! Sometimes I despair for the world.

The MG said...

I've heard he's a bit of a fan of the English cricket team and his favourite player is...

Paul Collingwood.

Amy said...

Hahahaha, dear me, that's quite the thing, isn't it?

Stani Army said...

Really Ames?

That's 10 more than mine.


....bum's on fire.

Amy said...

The Herald Sun published an article saying Daniel Radcliffe can't talk to girls.