Thursday 23 April 2009

Fake IPL Player "a bit of a joke"

I know there's people out there who don't want to read about this, but at the moment it's worth mentioning, because we aren't going to hear about the end of this until, well, we reach the end. Which is an unveiling of who this person is.

But another person from KKR has decided to comment on this curiosity. Coach Matthew Mott told Cricinfo:
"It's a bit of a joke in the squad. There is something going on, but I have only read a bit of one (blog entry) on someone else's laptop, so I can't say whether it's close to the mark or just someone making good guesses. It has been raised but at this stage we're treating it with humour. I'd still be interested to know who it is, though."

Sounds a bit scripted, like he's been told to be as offhand about Fake IPL Player as he can possibly be. You know, downgrade the significance of it.

But then again, this could be a sincere, honest comment. If that were the case, we could all go on knowing that Fake is exactly that, a fake. And that nobody needs to take their comments to heart. It's all just a random person having a bit of fun. One of the reasons this has blown up to be bigger than ever is that KKR's Joy Bhattacharya felt the need to comment on this, and to make a pretty decisive judgement about it.

There's plenty of people saying that there's no need to speculate on who the Fake IPL Player is, and that we should just go on enjoying the posts. But you can't deny that until it becomes clear whether this is a real insider or not, the way we view the blog will be affected. KKR's weighing in on the case just takes it further.

Identity, in this case at least, is important. And it's human nature to want to know a general idea of who this person is.


Anonymous said...

With the latest post on other blog BCC! this player is trying to pretend he hails from Delhi. WHat a waste.

Som said...

I'm not taking the fake seriously, to be honest. My only grouse is that in two days, the lucky lad got what I could not in 2 years!

Leg Break said...


Is it fair to say Fake IPL player has pissed you off just a bit?

Prabu said...


The guy's done something for fun and when it got bigger did something smart to latch on to it. I wouldn't say he is lucky - juobless, most definitely yes!

Amy said...

Sam, trying to throw people off his trail a little?

Som, start your own fake IPL player blog. Make it from Bangalore's side. I would read that.

LB, not pissed off, but I'm definitely not impressed by some of the goings on at his blog/s in the past day or two.

Leg Break said...

Well the comments on there are pretty low rent, but what else specifically gets you? The false clues are all part of the point of it.

And any blog that calls Gilly the Paedophile Prince will have to do a lot of things wrong to balance the ledger.

Amy said...

There was some very clever stuff for the majority of his posts, including the Paedophile Priest gag. But lately, he seems to have fallen through, and details between posts have been inconsistent, especially regarding how he posts. His blogs over at BCC! have also been distinctly odd, and there's a completely different feel to it there. Like he's dropping a little out of character.

There's just a very strange mood about the whole thing of late. In any case, this person is either a genius or the complete opposite. I don't even know if I can specify which one at the moment.

Leg Break said...

Isn't the BCC! version an imitation?

Amy said...

Is it? From the way other bloggers were reacting I took it to be real. Its origins seemed realistic enough based on what the guys at BCC! were saying.

Now I'm just plain confused.

Leg Break said...

I got the feeling they were just playing catch-up. Sincerest form of flattery etc..

Not many people have generated imitators within a week. It took Elvis about 30 years.

Amy said...

But when he did, about a million of them must have spouted at once. Now their numbers are close to that of a small country.

And the BCC! fake IPL player posts are now an oddity. I've noticed plenty of people took it seriously, but it would account for the strange tone if it were an imitation. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

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