Sunday 19 April 2009

Shaun Tait out of IPL

He's always dropping out of everything. Sometimes his body isn't up to it, other times it's his mind. Someone needs to grow a spine.

Honestly. Does anyone want to put up with Shaun Tait's shit anymore? The Rajasthan Royals would have wanted him to play, but no, the hamstring's buggered again. Cricket Australia wants him fit as a fiddle for the World T20 in England.

I'm already over it. See this? This is me. Over it.

Flying over it.


Anonymous said...

in terrible terrible news for bloggers, napolean einstein is out of the IPL.....

Soulberry said...

I'd prefer watching a fit Tait play than an unfit one. And one who is rearing to go.

Otherwise he can look very mediocre and he shouldn't be settling for that.

Anonymous said...

SHaun Tait is an exciting prospect for Aussies but only when he curbs his injury streak and stops being freak :)

ahh that rhymed :)

did u check out my new ipl blog..

richie_141 said...

Really, Shaun Tait's already had his finest moment, in the first T20against SA at the MCG. His spell was blistering, and I for one got huge enjoyment watching our mate AB hobble off the field after recieving a Shaun Tait Stunner straight on the hip.

Amy said...

Soulberry, when he's physically fit for playing, he says he's mentally exhausted. When he's mentally exhausted, he's fit for play. He's proven he's a real threat, but that's only when he's actually available to play.

Sam, checking it out right now.

Richie, strangely enough, I felt sorry for AB then. That looked extremely painful.

12th Man said...

He is a chucker.