Tuesday, 9 June 2009

England's women fare well

Amidst all this talk of Australia's pathetic performances and the chance that two minnows may make it into the Super Eights stage, there is the point to note that there is an English side that stands a chance of winning this tournament, and it's their women's side.

The boys could learn a lot from their women who cleaned up the Kiwis in a practice match. Knowing the men's team, a warm-up against New Zealand would have met exactly the opposite result. I do believe Amy S. the cricketer played for New Zealand. Nice. I don't know why, but I inevitably end up supporting New Zealand in cricket matches. It just happens, I have no control over it. Maybe I do like the poor fellows across the sea.

In tonight's matches (or today's, depending on where you are) it's South Africa against NZ, and the Netherlands against Pakistan. Bit of a no-brainer, seeing as I've just said the thing about my inability to go against New Zealand. The Kiwis over SA, and the Dutchmen over Pakistan. The first of these because I couldn't stand die AB doing his usual shit again, and then overdoing the humility afterwards. Also because I need Dan the Man to play today and unleash the power of his spectacles on die AB. I'm all in favour of Albie topscoring for the saffas, though. Really, it's the only outcome I'm in favour of.

As for the Netherlands over Pakistan, imagine the Super Eights being comprised of A QUARTER minnows and three quarters usual teams. That's almost unheard of. Also because their uniform is orange and no other country would have the balls to do that. I mean, look at them. So many variations of green and blue it's not funny. That's why the orange trumps all, even if they only chose it because all the other colours were taken.

I'm trying to imagine just how stupid Ricky Ponting feels, but I cannot seem to accurately imagine the magnitude of it.


boncam said...

'Die AB' -'The AB', wow, you make him so powerful and invincible.

Esra_Star said...

Poor Dirk, the Netherlands got smashed. I really wanted to see them win, especially after their English beating innings.

Esra_Star said...

No Dan the man, no Jesse, no Franklin and the Saffa's are fucking up big time. ROFL bombed, JP ran out AB which was awesome as I was sick of the commentators drooling over "the great man".

Albs is in, but not much time left and he doesn't look fired up. Oh and Botha's fav player is AB. Die AB (I'm not speaking Afrikaans either!)

boncam said...

Yeah! ROFL is the man of the match. Kallis & Smith wasted my time. SS wouldnt stop showing these fucking Kallis commercials.


If you guys are wondering WTF happened to the batting order.

Interview with Mickey: "We might have a little odd tweak in our batting order to give a guy who we know is going to have a crucial role through the tournament a little more batting time but that's all." (http://tinyurl.com/numgbs)

Stani Army said...

Ahem Es?!? "really wanted to see them win"? Did I just read that?

I take it you made a mistake right?

Esra_Star said...

Stani, you know I love you and I'm glad your boys won but I was more supporting Dirk. You see I had a dream to fly to England with my stolen orange safety vest to proudly cheer him on in the final... Now that vision is shattered.

Oh well somehow the Saffas won and ROFL came good. My world is ok again.

Stani Army said...

I forgive you Es.

Just spray the vest green. That way you can come over to support the Saffas and my boys.

...and better still, I'll be here to keep you company.

aa said...