Thursday, 4 June 2009

AB tries to be more like Sehwag

The cunning bastard. So much for his game plan being to give himself 20 balls to get into the game before firing, as he so honestly told me, apparently he wants to steal some of Sehwag's success with his "Watch ball, hit ball" campaign.

In a recent interview, AB does a 180 and pretends he never had that game plan he has often talked about. Instead, he's paraphrasing Sehwag's genius:
What is the gameplan?
It's not difficult. See the ball and hit it.

Last I checked, "see the ball and hit it" is a lot like "watch ball, hit ball". Just look at AB go. The little devil.

Next thing you know, AB's going to be saying he visualises songs when he's at the crease, just like good old Sehwag.

I'm onto AB.


raj said...

Don't forget Sehwag was his captain in DDD. Warner(high priest of Sehwagology) would have baptised AB into Sehwagology :-)

Amy said...

AB's devoted to Jesus, all the way. It's a shame, because Sehwagology is far better.

rahul said...

bah, he's better than sehwag

you may deny it but you know that too