Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I am a traitor

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a traitor. I sent a semi-serious question in to AB and he answered it.
Hey AB!

Great job on your ton in the IPL. That was a great innings. I was just wondering the difference in your game plan between ODIs & Tests, and T20 matches. You say you normally take 20 balls to get into the game, but this isn't the best thing to do in T20. So what is your game plan in T20 games? How much leeway do you give yourself because you really get stuck into it?

Cheers, from your greatest fan, Amy S

Well, at least I call myself his greatest fan. What I was more surprised by, however, was AB's response. Where is the excess of exclamation marks? Where is it, I ask?!

Hi Amy,

My approach is exactly the same. I still give myself 20 balls to get in, I still follow the same game plan. The only difference is in my intensity and intent at the crease. I try to up it a bit with the ODI's and T20's. I'm naturally an aggresive player, so there's no need for me to give my wicket away. I always try to catch up at the end of my innings.

Thanks for your support!

Best regards,


Some parts of it could be taken to be a little funny, but on the whole, it's a sane response. Maybe because I asked a sane question.


achettup said...

I am delighted that you have chosen to follow the path of righteousness and left your AB-hating ways behind. Ultimately this can only be good for everyone, and we can all look forward to a safer and happier world. Welcome!

P.S: Lol @ "from your greatest fan", given all the attention you have devoted to AB all these days, I'm beginning to wonder if you really are obsessed, almost reminds me of Eminem's Stan.

richie_141 said...

He didn't even tell you to stay sharp. What's going on? I'm scared...

Sam said...

how did you get on with his id ?

rhoe said...

oh my.. "your greatest fan..." I almost choked. You have seen the light. lol.. please dont begin the trend of ending posts with stay sharp. I may not be able to stand it.. :(

Amy said...

Atchettup, nice try. I'm nowhere near being his fan, but I am beginning to wonder if he's simply putting on the positive attitude and staying sharp simply for the benefit of his adoring fans. If you ask a serious question, you appear to get a serious response. Maybe he's not really so positive after all. But a fan of his I am not. Lukewarm, perhaps. I'm sure I'll rediscover my hatred as soon as he reverts to his usual Jesus "the man" positive, filled with light ways.

Richie, that's what I was wondering.

Sam, ha ha. You're far too funny :P

Rhoe, don't worry, I'm not going to mutate into an AB fan. But I am willing to consider the idea that this whole personality may be a facade and that he's possibly a normal person underneath that. Unfortunately, this is the only evidence I can find to prove that. Most is to the contrary.

Esra_Star said...

Best Regards? Amy I'd be worried. No exclamations, no stay sharp... either AB appreciates an intelligent question or he truly is aware who Amy S, AB's greatest fan is and was trying to give you as little as possible to mock him with. Next test mention Albie!

Amy said...

A supposed "Ampie du Preez" once commented on my blog about my AB posts. I don't know if it was really the guy who AB sang that ridiculous song with, or whether it was a fake, but there's every possibility there's a conspiracy of some sort involving AB and Ampie in which they try to prove me wrong.

Or AB could just be answering the question like a normal person would. Hehe.

Esra_Star said...

He could but a man of AB's religious standing is highly unlikely to be considered normal like us humble people. I'm all for a good conspiracy.