Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Curse of the Nightwatchman

Centuries ago, in a small village in the highlands of Guatemala, a witch woman uttered the words to a curse which would plague one Kevin Pietersen in centuries to come.

You send your nightwatchman in, you don't make your half-century.

It's not Jimmy's fault. Maybe if you'd actually batted instead of sending him in while you sipped tea and had a jolly good time in the dressing rooms, you wouldn't have gotten out on 49.

Anyway, England are 6/569 at tea. At this rate, they'll actually declare. It's been a while since they've convincingly done that. Stuart Broad is playing like this is a one-dayer.

And yes, the news is that England have declared. Well done to them.


Q said...

Is it KP's decision or Strauss'?

Amy said...

I'd say KP. Did you catch him watching Jimmy struggle out there? He was smiling and laughing for a while, but I couldn't say at who.

Q said...

Yeah saw that but not sure at whom.. but I think its the captain's decision.. if Strauss turned around and sent KP in, there's no way KP would have said no.. if Steve Waugh could make his batsmen do it, so can any other captain.

Amy said...

But I'd still say KP. He would have made the decision, and the Wing Commandor wouldn't have objected.

SixSixEight said...

Does KP sip tea - he is a Saffer?

Strauss: he's a mouse - the public school obviously schooled him to drink tea like a native with a vengeance. "Declare - but I haven't finished this fine cuppa yet....."

And lets face it - its a bit nippy up Chester-le-street way. Drinking tea would be the wing commanders way to go - batting, fielding - he would want to spend as little time out there himself as poss.

Amy said...

Strauss has morphed into a real Pom, complete with the tea fetish, but KP still shows signs of being otherwise. His voice for one gives it all away.