Friday, 29 May 2009

Michael Clarke Question of the Day

I thought I'd make it harder for Esra and not just pit her against Ryan Campbell, but any other interested folks. Sorry Esra, that's how it works, I'm so very cutthroat. I'll be keeping count of how many times you win and then we'll really see whether you can be crowned the Michael Clarke Expert of the Blogosphere, because you are answering the questions on a blog.

If you're not Esra and you're reading this feeling outraged that she could possibly try to claim that title, do protest with a response of your own. Edge her out of the competition with your own cleverness and deft touch of the keyboard.

Anyone can win and prove their own worth, especially when it's greater than Ryan Campbell's. The only person who will never win is Stani, for reasons stated in the sidebar of this blog. Sorry, mate.

And today's Michael Clarke Question of the Day is: What would Michael Clarke name his firstborn? A tough one indeed, it's up to Esra to answer it. And if anyone feels so obliged, they can also attempt to win, although it'll be tough when you're against an expert of any sort.

This is the man who sets the lowest possible benchmark for expertise in a subject, namely cricket. Beat him and your performance will be deemed satisfactory. Can you be the Michael Clarke Expert of the Blogosphere?


Srishti said...

Ricky. do I win?

Amy said...

For every question, Esra must weigh in with her own answer and then I'm sure the winner can be decided.

Got to give the Clarke expert a go too.

raj said...

Albie. I have won :-)

Esra_Star said...

Cut throat indeed, luckily I will always beat Stani. Even when he trys to tempt me with fireworks! ;)

Honestly? I have no idea and have a headache the size of Tasmania but I refuse to go down without a fight.

My guess is Les or Graham (his dad or Lara's dads names) and for a girl um.... Lara (*vomits*) or something odd like Coco.

Ps. I think Raj is deluded and should be disqualified for terrible humour! :)

Stani Army said...

Fine. Like that is it? I'm disappointed with you Ames.

And Es? To agree with her? This is a sad day.

My Gran used to say, don't be too sweet to the world or else it'll want to swallow you down, or too sour so as to make it wanna spit you out. I guess I was too sweet.

Whatever he names her (did I just give too much away), I hope it's not something stupid like Amy.

Amy said...

Stani, clearly a case of sour grapes. Go cry somewhere else, I have no pity left for you.

And while Srishti and Raj competed with Esra, coming so very close to snatching the title from her hands, I will award it to Esra today, simply because she knows the names of both Clarke and Lara's dads. That's just the kind of thing an expert should know, and something I'm sure Ryan Campbell didn't. For that reason alone, Esra survives another day.

But I wouldn't be surprised if he did name his kid Ricky.

Raj, the only person who'd name their kid Albie is Ryan Campbell himself. He's obsessed with Albie, it's kind of creepy.

Q said...

Micheal Bingle..

We all know who the daddy is!

Amy said...

Unfortunately, Clarke will not have his babies with Lara. I can see into the future.

Q said...

So all these missing tours and missing the IPL and fighting with Symonds and Katich is all for nothing?

What a waste.

Amy said...

Yeah, it's just not a viable long term relationship.

Stani Army said...

Yes Ames, the love you have for me leaves no room for pity. I understand.

How's the headache Es? It's all that Clarke stuff isn't it? Well you take a rest my little Star and just leave it to me. I'll do you proud.

The fashion these days is to name the child after the place where they were conceived e.g. David Beckham's Brooklyn. Therefore, it's obvious the child will be called Wollongong (See Ames, Wagga Wagga is not the only city us Poms know)

Amy said...

If you were really clever, you'd pick up on even better names than that.

Esra_Star said...

Thanks Amy, I'm just glad all the useless shit in my head is finally useful.

Stani, I do love you. It's your generosity that just astounds me.

raj said...

What, you won't name your child Albie? Unless you meant that ryan campbell's baby will be yours too :-)

Amy said...

Of course I wouldn't, just as I wouldn't name my kid Gilly. They're good players but I wouldn't name my kids after them.

Stani Army said...

Thanks Es. I love you more.

If I were really clever? You just want my material don't you? To use on that other blog you run in that parallel universe.

Would you name your kiddy Inzy Ames?

Amy said...

No, because then I'd laugh in my child's face every single day of their life.

Stani Army said...

So you plan on having a daughter then?

As for the least you can say my child's made me happy.