Monday, 25 May 2009

How wrong was I?


From a post a while back:
Then again, who else does Bangalore have now? Nobody, that's what. They're fucked, and I'm not saying that lightly. They are well and truly fucked, and nobody's going to save their asses after KP hops on his private jet for England and slides down giant mountains of cash in his new mansion with glee.

Bangalore went on the make the finals.

But then again, nobody predicted they'd make it this far.


Elise said...

Anything can happen in 20/20

raj said...

"But Kumble is the one good thing about that. I'm sure they could trust him,"
You did say this, Amy, and how right you were! Even we Indians didnt predict that!

raj said...

"Well, it is not inconceivable that Deccan Chargers play in poor spirit. They have an Aussie Cricketer of the 90's and 2000's at the helm - very likely that they behave like low lives"
From the comments section on that post by your truly! And if you saw Symonds pathetically dishing it out to Manish Pandey, forcing Bhogle to plea to him to pick someone of comparable size, HOW RIGHT I WAS, Amy, how right I was!

Esra_Star said...

I love that putting KP on his private jet was one of the best things RCB did!

Considering they had Jacques as their main allrounder they did pretty fucking well.

Amy said...

Elise, or in the IPL. I thought this was a pretty good take on how the results of the IPL didn't reflect the ability of the teams.

Raj, indeed, it seems we were both right. I don't mind a bit of sledging, though. Picking on a 19 year old is low, however. Still, Pandey's got a lot to show people. I'm sure he can weather a few harsh words.

Esra, yes don't mention Jacques. I still don't understand how anyone can respect him enough in Tests or ODIs, but when it comes to T20s, it's a huge fucking joke.

raj said...

Well, Amy, Pandey sure can soak it up. He infact did. His dismissal had nothing to do with the sledging. But still, for Symonds to stoop so low. I mean, a few words here and there are fine but he escorted Pandey from the boundary line to the batting crease, and then was rushing with abuse after every ball. I mean, that was crazy. He seems to forget that he doesnt have a f***head as captain here unlike his national team captain. And the IPL is a Modi fiefdom so no friendly Steve Bucknors, Mike Denesses and friendly match referees like they had in Sydney. Here, you cannot get away with bad behaviour just because you are an Aussie.

Amy said...

Well, I'm not sure I agree with all of that, but I'd rather not get into that kind of stuff here. I'll be up all night then.

adverbin said...

Raj, as far as I can see he has got away.

Rayden said...

While I do not endorse what Symonds did, it was good to see almost all the foreign players taking the IPL seriously and really fighting to win - even sleding like a normal international cricket match.

Most people thought before IPL 1 that only the Indians would try to win and others would be there for the money.

Rayden said...

I meant Sledging not sleding above :-)

Amy said...

No, no, I know all about you sledding.

But it's funny that sledging is being seen as a positive sign in the IPL. Haha.