Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The horrors of Chennai's bowling

Can mean that Kolkata win a match which CSK really should have won. I wasn't watching the game obviously, but WHAT THE FUCK WENT ON, I ask?

Now they have to win a match against Punjab when Yuvraj has been getting hat-tricks all over the place. Yeah, good luck with that. If you can't beat the coughing, spluttering shittiest guns of the competition, I'm just waiting for CSK to choke against Kings XI too.


Someone went for 13 an over, the second highest of his side. Someone is in deep shit because he should know how to fucking bowl by now. I put all my faith behind this someone and back them more than any other player and they FAIL TO DELIVER.

I'm off. England won against the Windies. Big surprise there, not like we haven't been expecting it since day 3.


Stani Army said...

Since you asked, yes, I do hate the IPL

Krish said...

Amy, Chennai has already qualified for the semis. Even if they lose against Punjab, they are through. I am not sure why more people are not pointing this out. The reason is that Bangalore & Deccan have a match against each other and will knock one of them out. Rajasthan cannot overtake Chennai.

raj said...

oh well!oh well!oh well!
I missed this - Amy, so Chennai have lost to KKR . Huge temptation to rub it in but I'll hold back until Gilly/Warne/AB give the final push and chcuk Chennai out of the tournament :-)

Amy said...

Stani, I'm glad you're answering the subliminal questions in my posts. It motivates me to continue sticking them in future posts. Next up is whether glow-in-the-dark rabbits make better pets than normal ones.

Krish, I do know they've pretty much qualified for the semis, but it's more the fact that they lost to KOLKATA. I shudder when I think of it. But I would like them to qualify second so they won't have to verse Delhi until the latest stage possible.

Raj, don't talk about it. Really, just don't. It's not a pretty thought.

rahul said...

if you look at the fixtures and do the math, no matter what the results may be, CSK will go through even if they are beaten by a margin of 100 runs by Punjab

Their place in semis is guaranteed thereby facilitating Albie to be hit all over the park all over again

Oscar said...

Albie is a trash bowler. I think Chennai will try to trade him off next year. He's useless at pro 20.

Rayden said...

My sole purpose of watching the IPL from now on will be to watch CSK lose real bad. First my purpose was to see Mumbai win - but then CSK beat them last week and Mumbai were out. Then my sole purpose was to watch KKR lose all matches real bad and now CSK lost to them and that reason is out as well. Since CSK has ruined all my reasons for watching IPL, from now on, I want CSK to lose all matches miserably. Chennai fans note though, normally whatever I want in cricket, the opposite happens so if Chennai end up winning this years IPL, you probably have me to thank.

Amy said...

Rahul, don't say that. I'm counting on him to bowl decently. I hope.

Oscar, Chennai would have to be mad if they tried trading off Albie. Any other team would happily take him just for his power hitting.

Rayden, good luck on your quest to see CSK lose. I'll be doing exactly the opposite.

Stani Army said...

Amy, don't go for the glow in the dark rabbits....it's a trick to get you to stop eating carrots.

It's sick...disgusting. This actually started over here in the UK. These rabbits got together and decided that the only way they could get more carrots is to make humans stop eating them.

Now we know carrots are good for our sight, so what the rabbits did was make themselves glow in the dark meaning that humans would not need to eat carrots to seem them in the dark. This would leave more carrots for the rabbits, they will grow and reproduce and then eventually take over the world.

Beware Amy, beware.

Amy said...

I have my personal myxomatosis supplies ready, just in case.

Stani Army said...

A biological weapon?