Sunday, 17 May 2009

Bitchfights Lose You The Ashes

I've heard a lot of theories about why Australia lost the Ashes in '05, and while I'm more inclined to believe one of them over the others, the Times think they've cracked it.

I've never read Gilly's autobiography (I have read Hayden's cookbook. Delicious, my my) but:

"This issue started around the first Test and bubbled in the background for most of the tour. It was apparent, when the guys returned to the hotel from Lord’s, that some personality clashes had disrupted relations between the wives and partners . . . these things would work corrosively throughout the tour.

“A guy would go to dinner with his partner and hear bad things about someone else’s partner; you could be sure that the same was happening somewhere else, in reverse. So it ended up that some of the guys were suffering from their divided loyalties.”
So there you go. Bitchfights really do lose you the Ashes.

Simone and Rianna take their frustration out on each other.


Chris said...

I always wondered why we lost the ashes...

Amy said...

It was Simone finding out about Warnie. It must have been.