Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Miss Bollywood's Cleavage

It was too good, I had to post it. If I'd been drinking something at the time that I read this, I'm sure I would have spit it out.

Apparently someone got here looking for:
miss bollywood ipl 2009 boobs

Since when have I blogged about that? And since when is this kind of information going to be available anyway? She hasn't signed the deal with Zoo Weekly yet, folks. In fact, "she" hasn't even been announced.


Stani Army said...

I'm too young and innocent too be reading this. Lucky there are no pictures.

With each passing day, my hatred for the IPL is reaffirmed and justified. It's just not cricket.

madiha said...

hey amy....when did u start this blog ....its awesome

Rob said...

I don't know anything about Miss Bollywood's perfect cleavage... however, now you told me about how good it is I will have to go and find out.... see what you did?

Amy said...

Stani, if you're older than Stuart Broad, you're old enough to see anything.

Madiha, well I guess that would be March.

Rob, I really just did it for more hits so that sex-starved cricket fans wanking to the IPL can reach my blog and be overwhelmed by its wonders. Good luck in your quest to find Miss Bollywood's perfect cleavage. You'll end up trawling the darkest depths of the internet for that.

Stani Army said...

I am older Amy...but much more innocent.