Saturday, 30 May 2009

What we didn't see this IPL



Chris said...

I was hoping he'd get the award at least once.

Amy said...

So was I, Chris. So was I.

Anonymous said...

Albie's over the hill.

Amy said...

No way, he's still got plenty left in him.

Stani Army said...

Had you told me about this, I would have indeed changed my mind about the IPL

Amy said...

I'm going to set Leela on you. She doesn't like people who complain about the IPL. Or about Albie, I imagine.

Stani Army said...

One question before you set Leela on me (don't know why you talk of her as if she is a animal)...

Why is Albie giving the old guy a cheque?

Amy said...

Well, she isn't an animal, she's a lovely human being.

And the old man hit the most sixes in that match. It was amazing.

Stani Army said...

I must have missed it. Strangely

Leela said...
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Leela said...

True, I don't like people who complain about Albie. He is so cool. What's not to like in him?

On a serious note, I don't mind people complaining about the IPL. Especially the hideous uniforms, ridiculous theme songs, unnaturally long schedule... etc etc.

However, I get irritated when people confuse watching the IPL with a wierd sense of patriotism.
Consider this:
"I think IPL is too much cricket but only when cricketers from my country are not playing in it. Otherwise, its total joy!"

That is wierd right?
(Pls say yes Amy, I do value your opinions.)

P.S Thanks for calling me a "lovely human being".

Stani Army said...

And what people are those Leela? Or is that just a snide remark at Pakistan fans who were unable to see their players in the IPL?

Leela said...


That was not a snide remark at Pakistan fans.(?!?)

It was a specific remark on Kamran Abbasi alone.
Since it was a remark aimed at a specific person about whom I have already talked on my blog, I did not want to mention it here and start a conv thread and take up Amy's blog space.

(Oh well..)

Plus, since my name was brought up, I responded.

And my blog post was not about Pak player participation. It was about Mr. Abbasi stating that there is too much of T20 on TV which should be ICC regulated.

Fair enuff.

However he said he is OK with T20 WC, but had problems with T20 arranged by media moghuls and businessmen... i.e domestic tournaments.

And I quote, "Cricket is in danger of overkill, and the IPL and its imitators in other countries are playing a major part."

IPL is an Indian domestic tournament. If he does not want to watch it, he can switch of his TV. Just like I did not watch Pak's domestic RBS cup.

What takes the cake though is that he says he was OK with the tournament last year when the Pak players participated.

So essentialy what he is saying is that when Pak players participate, its not overkill.
Otherwise, it is.

And that's what I was irritated with.

P.S Pls note, bold is for emphasis, I don't intend to be rude.

Stani Army said...

By writing "I get irritated when people confuse...", it points to the fact that you mean more than one person Leela.

You should be more careful. If you felt it was necessary to make the Dr Abbasi point on Amy's blog then it was only right and fair for you to write who you were talking about. True?

Leaving things open to assumptions is dangerous. I appreciate you say you went through it on your blog but I'm sure not everyone reading the above would have visited your blog and made the deduction.

If you didn't want to take up Amy's blog space as you said then it would have been fair not to mention that particular point at all. You could have still responded, as is your right of course, to your name being mentioned. So, in a way, it way a snide remark and then to try and get Amy to agree with it....well, what can I say.

Dr Abbasi is a cricket fan. He can watch what he likes. What has it got to do with other people? If you describe him not watching the IPL because there were no Pak players in it as a "weird sense of patriotism", then one can easily describe your support of the IPL as such because, as you say, it is a Indian domestic tournament. But no one has because it's none of their business who you support/watch or why you do it. This should apply to Dr Abbasi too.

"So essentially what he is saying is that when Pak players participate, its not overkill.
Otherwise, it is." Here you are completely wrong. I am embarrassed for you. You are mixing up a) His choice not to watch the IPL because it had no Pak players and b) his general cricket overkill point.

When he was talking of over kill, he was not just talking bout the IPL or the non-Pak player participation but other tournaments too. In fact, you quoted this just above:

He said "Cricket is in danger of overkill, and the IPL and its imitators in other countries are playing a major part."

These are two separate points you have merged to justify your false conclusion. Firstly, he watched IPL1 because the Pak players played and he is a fan of theirs. Fair enough, who are we to say he cannot. He did not watch IPL2 because they did not play. His choice. No one elses. Secondly, his point that cricket is in danger of over kill has nothing to do with Pakistan player participation in the IPL.

Stani Army said...

...........Proof? You put it in quotes yourself but then selectively read it. In his point about IPL he does not only mention IPL but the other twenty20 domestic tournaments too "Cricket is in danger of overkill, and the IPL and its imitators in other countries"......."and its imitators in other countries". This can include the RBS cup....Pakistan players played in that.

You seem to have completely ignored the part where he says "and its imitators in other countries" to justify your point about him saying that Twenty20 is ok when Pak players play but overkill when they don't.

"So essentially what he is saying is that when Pak players participate, its not overkill.
Otherwise, it is." I cannot believe you have read his post and made that conclusion. In fact, this scares me; how someone can take what he wrote and conclude that it says that. What hope is there?

And to sum his post up as the following "I think IPL is too much cricket but only when cricketers from my country are not playing in it. Otherwise, its total joy!"...well you just did the credibility of your argument no favours did you.

He did not say that of course, nor suggest that at all but you've managed to somehow conclude that was what he meant. This is pretty much the same with most of the other Indian fans who commented on his post apart from the odd wonderful human beings. If you read each of his points without any preconceived ideas or ulterior motives, you will find that many, if not all, of his points are true and difficult to argue with. They (Indian fans) should go back and read it properly. It is funny how Dr Abbasi attracts so many comments from irate Indian fans on his various posts who never seem to actually read what he has wrote before going into one. May be they want just wanted to go into one which is the whole reason they visit his blog in the first place.

I do not mean to be rude either but it's important to be clear here because as you well know, this is more than just about cricket, and sadly, where there is 1 person trying to heal, there are 20 others trying to divide.

If what you wrote was not how it was meant to come out then I can appreciate that. But you must be careful. As an educated person, I am sure you have the intelligence to consider the consequences of what you say. It is with those consequences in mind that we should do everything, including writing. If there is a chance you can bring even just two people together or mend an argument just by changing what you write then change what you write.

If there was something you didn't understand then you can ask me to explain. If there was something you felt I didn't understand then you can tell me.

I apologise if there are any mistakes. It's late.

Amy said...

Dear god. Is this serious discussion taking place on my blog? I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Carry on, folks. I just needed to express my incredulity somewhere.

Leela said...

Stani Army,

You felt I was maing a snide remark at Pakistan fans.
And I responded by saying I was not.
That is the one point I wanted to clear up.
The other issues I guess we view differently.

Stani Army said...

I "felt" you was making a snide remark? So you know what I feel now too?

In FACT, I asked you if you was making a snide remark. It is clear for everyone to scroll up and see. I asked first because that's the right thing to do. You should have asked Dr Abbasi too before accusing him.

"The other issues we view differently"? Doesn't the truth doing star jumps in front of your face have any effect on you? Can you still not see it?

You just made up blatant lies and you're still sticking by them. Incredible. This world is f****d.

Sorry for getting serious Amy but dishonesty and people that stir trouble, rile me. If you go read Dr Abbasi's blog and the comments people have left, you will see what I mean.