Monday, 25 May 2009

Is Ajmal a chucker?

The gods have spoken: he is not. The ICC have declared Saeed Ajmal can continue to play cricket after deciding his action is legal.

They don't want to sound like pushovers though, having just cleared Johan Botha, so they're making it clear that they're going to keep one eye on the guy:

"It is important to emphasise that no bowler is ever 'cleared' as it is impossible to predict how a player might deliver the ball in the future."
A good point, but that's half the difficulty of declaring an action legal anyway.

And I believe my tongue is firmly in cheek when I say he doesn't have an arm deformity either.


Stani Army said...

Give him a break now Ames.

Would you be able to get a Shane Watson exclusive on his response to Ajmal being decleared legal in making Watson look like a drunk swatting a fly?

Amy said...

I will, he's reportedly very displeased with it. He's also displeased with his groin injury which is looking very suspicious these days.

Stani Army said...

His groin is looking suspicious? Why was you looking at his groin?

May be it's the same thing Shoaib's got...may be Shoaib gave it to him? It's just that CA have managed to use a euphemism...unlike the PCB.

Amy said...

They just hate Shoaib, that's all. CA actually like their players.