Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nielsen's Tirade - A Fabrication

You have to give him credit for trying. After some rather disturbing reports that the first Test in Cardiff may turn out to be a shocker of a turner, the Australian coach tries to rectify the situation. The only problem is, he never had the gravitas to trick even the Poms into thinking we were looking down our noses at them as opposed to fearing a little something in their pitches.

Below is his desperate attempt to sort out the spinning problem. It is horribly bad:
Nielsen said it would be "poor" of Glamorgan officials not to rectify these problems by the first Test on July 8. "They have gone to great lengths to get the first Test in Cardiff … so I'm sure they wouldn't want a shoddy pitch to ruin it."
Ruin it for who, Tim?

If anything, that's just going to be met with a laugh, a pat on the back, and a "jolly good sir, we'll have that pitch turning in no time".

Playing the new kind of cricket, also known as baseball.


GoodCricketWicket said...

Oddly enough, there has been much English moaning about the situation at Cardiff (admittedly not all rosy, they've had drainage problems too).

Like it's underhand in some way to play to our strengths...shocking.

Mahek said...

What is with that makes some people think turners are bad tracks? The same people don't have any problems with pitches having a green tinge. The Proteas bitched about the Kanpur pitch last year even though they got to bat first, the Aussies did the same in Mumbai in 2004 when they couldn't chase a target of little over 100.

Prabu said...

How does this look Amy?

If that doesn't scar you for lie, I don't know what will!

Leela said...
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Leela said...

I agree with Mahek there; If green-tinged pitches are kosher then turners must be too. Unless we are saying spinners are step-children!

And I remember that Kanpur match-not only did the Proteas bat first, the partnership that sealed the deal was the one between Sreesanth and Ishant (Number 10 and 11 batsmen).

Amy said...

GCW, if I were English, I'd be getting the Aussies to stay in a dodgy motel for the duration of the series. That's in addition to making sure the pitches suited my bowlers, of course.

Mahek, apparently there is something fundamentally wrong with pitches that support spin. I fail to see it, really.

Prabu, that is far more information than I ever wanted to know about him. Disturbed. Highly disturbed.

Leela, yes, spinner ARE step-children. How did you know that huge secret? They're also illegitimate children.