Wednesday, 27 May 2009

England doing something very strange

I believe it's called winning. Sure, it's against the West Indies, but they're still winning.

What is the magic formula? Why this great form going into a rather important series?

I'm very interested. I think I might even like it if England were supremely confident ahead of the Ashes. But there's always the T20 thing between now and then to shake things up a little and perhaps disturb morale within the team.

It's even more strange because Stuart Broad recently came out with some comments about England needing to learn to fill Flintoff's shoes when he wasn't there, because he isn't a lot of the time. You wouldn't have thought a 9 year old could be so wise, but it's true. He talked some sense, people. He said what every blogger has been thinking, though not the ECB.

And so Andrew Strauss isn't going to be playing in the domestic T20 Cup either. He's really gearing up for the Ashes. Confidence in the English team is probably soaring.

I like it.


Stani Army said...

Let's play some whipping boys before the ashes and go into them with a sense of over confidence and end up getting our arses whipped. Nice.

No one plans like the ECB!

I thought Broad was 7 Ames?

adverbin said...

West Indies lost rather than than Engalnd won. Surely Punter's gang will not play to lose (despite Ronald's weak efforts)?

donthaveaclue said...

beating a fragile disinterested team might not be a sure indicator of Ashes glory and OBEs but it's still better than the usual comedy they get up to in preparation for their "most important cricket mission"

Amy said...

Stani, goddamn bastard, why don't you just write down every indiscretion. Fine. He aged two years with that comment.

Adverbin, indeed, a better way of looking at it. I'm sure most of the Windies can't wait to get out of England. Things have been pretty shit for them.

donthaveaclue, yep, a win is always a win, no matter who you're against. Unless it's Bangaldesh, then it doesn't count.

Stani Army said...

Thanks Ames! Love you too.

Graham said...

England didn't do too badly last week, but to say the Windies lost rather than England won (Adverbin) is just plain wrong.

England fans believe the team are getting stronger by the day and judging by contributors on the return of Pietersen and Flintoff might just help the home side hand out a jolly good thrashing to Ponting's side.

Stani Army said...

Graham, I think you may need to rephrase "hand out a jolly good thrashing to Ponting's side". People may think by "side" you mean the side of Ponting's body....I would replace "side" with team. Actually, I would replace "thrashing" too.

Pontings already getting suspicious about the 1st test not being at Lords. Just imagine he reads your comment.


Amy said...

I imagine he'd become hysteric if he learnt of the English way of treating Aussies.

Graham, I actually don't think Freddie will be the key player in this year's Ashes. Sure he did it in 2005, but since then, things have been entirely shit for him. KP can do more than him.