Sunday, 17 May 2009

Feeling Sorry For KKR?

Can I bring myself to do it? Can I actually feel sorry for them after that last match?

After Rohit Sharma?

Can anyone?


Q said...

I started feeling sorry for them after Ross Taylor happened.

Amy said...

I suppose I should have been feeling sorry for them ever since they've been stranded on 3 points.

Lulu said...

Did you see Ganguly (possibly) obstructing the field to prevent a runout?

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Sam said...

They have just been unlucky. Blame it on the bad omens their owner got along with the Boy George. 650k dollars went down the drain last nite.

12th Man said...

I have the least sympathy for them.
Shah Rukh Khan needs it.

Amy said...

Lulu, he was saving his own ass. It was quite funny.

Sam, not just luck, but they haven't shown any real skill in the way other teams have.

12th, so what exactly is he doing now? It's like he just hopped on a plane back to India and tried to pretend he was never gone.

12th Man said...

I have no information of him Amy. That's good news that the Indian news channels have stopped bothering us about him anymore.

By the way, do you check your GMail account listed on this website?

Amy said...

I do in fact. People send some very interesting tips there.