Sunday, 31 May 2009

England Try To Kill Ricky Ponting

From Cricinfo:

He was picking up a ball in the nets when struck by a shot from Michael Hussey and the blow ended his session.
Accompanied by this photo:

Now, if I'm not mistaken, is this not England cleverly disguising themselves as Mike Hussey and trying to kill Ponting? Little did they know he's a resilient little bastard. Just as the Australian selectors didn't know he's a resilient little bastard who would last this long as captain.
I vote the Aussies do the same, preferably disguising themselves with these masks. That should do the trick.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Punter will have to say about Buchanan maybe hopping into the pommy camp.

Amy said...

I'm sure they'd have a good old laugh at England, forgetting the implications of something like that occurring.

Stani Army said...

F**k, they're even throwing javelins at him!

He doesn't seem too concerned though. You're right, tough little bastard.

England do it all the time. Remember the strategically placed ball last time for McGrath.

Mahek said...

There is an Akhtar mask too. If only he'd used it during his infinite acts of indiscretion.

Amy said...

Stani, every Australian remembers that goddamn cricket ball. It pisses us off extremely.

Mahek, I'm sure that poor imitation of him would have disguised him well. Haha.