Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chk-Chk Boom

I'm sure I'll work out a cricketing connection to the subject of this post in due time. But for now, let me allow Clare Werbeloff's sensation to sweep my blog too:

Alright, here's the cricket connection: I think she watches cricket. Don't you?

"Chk-chk boom" is also making the rounds in parliament. Whodda thunk it?


Stani Army said...

No cricketing connection Ames. Could you imagine her trying to understand leg before wicket?

tick-tick tickticktickticktick (that's me typing by the way. This stuff's really catching on)

Does she dye her hair? She seems blonde to me

Amy said...

She actually faked the entire thing for a laugh but then all the news outlets caught onto it and it became a huge deal.

Still very cricket-related, though. Just look at that understanding of fielding positions.