Thursday, 28 May 2009

Steps for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is about to create its first national cricket board.

Read all about it here. What a great new development for a country I'm pretty sure everyone has been supporting in their efforts.


Stani Army said...

Bollocks...not one mention of Pakistans help. Who wrote this Ames? Hope it wasn't you

Stay safe on your trip. I have a weird feeling something strange will happen. Don't know...just a feeling

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news, hope it goes well for them.


Amy said...

Stani, I caught the swine flu.

Heather, so do I. It's such a great move forward for the country. Sport can do a lot to lift morale.

Stani Army said...

Well it serves you right. The Bible warned you not to go near the filthy bastards. (not exactly in those words obviously)

...unless by "swine" you are referring to a particular male individual who has passed his flu onto you. In which case, who is he?

Amy said...

Neither, my dear. I'm fit as a fiddle.

Stani Army said...


We still on then?