Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Indians Respecting Roy

You've got to admire the man for making an effort in a show of solidarity, but is it possible that perhaps Gilly might have taken his praise too far? After saying he'd have Andrew Symonds in his Ashes squad, as would any mildly sane person I imagine, Gilly goes on to make his point a little farfetched:

"You saw a glimpse of that last year when he only played four games - the respect he had from the Indian players and international players alike. He became an instant favourite in the squad."
Because Symonds just commands respect, especially from Indian cricketers. Good one.

Roy and his biggest fan.


Stani Army said...

Caption Competition entry:

"Symonds takes a liking to Bhajji's behind"

(see pic)

What's my prize this time Ames?

Amy said...

My undying love.

Stani Army said...

But I get that anyway.

I tell you what. I love chewing gum. Could you send me some as my prize. It's a specific gum made by Wrigleys. It's the liquorice menthol flavour from the P.K range.

They used to sell it here in blighty but stopped about 10-15 years ago. I contacted Wrigleys and the lady told me that they stopped because they have proper tests for which flavours do well in which countries and that one did not justify producing in the UK.

She told me it is available in Aus though so start buying them up for me. Don't know why it's popular enough in Aus and not here.

You think I was Australian in a previous life like you was Mexican? I like barbecues too? ...and crocodile Dundee....and Toni Collette (not in the same way I like crocodile Dundee of course). Hate snakes though.

This is a true story. I am serious sometimes too. Just to recap; liquorice menthol flavour wrigleys PK gum. The pack used to be a light sky blue colour.

Amy said...

I'm not an expert in chewing gum varieties in Australia. Go ask someone who doesn't have more important things to do. Whoo!