Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Gilchrist Offensive

Pretty good, don't you reckon?

Okay, not just pretty good, but pretty fucking good. Just as the papers and headlines were talking about Shoaib's genital warts yesterday, it's Gilly all the way today. It was a great effort in the end which knocked the top dogs out of the competition.

I still don't like the look of him in that uniform. It highlights his more creepy qualities, and I couldn't for the live of me tell you what they are. It's intangible, the creepiness that blue uniform instils in Gilchrist.

According to Cricinfo, Gilly's opening partner Gibbs has gotten out for the most ducks this tournament, that being 4. I actually thought the honour would belong to a BRC player but they didn't give their openers enough games to do so. But maybe there should be an enquiry into Gibbs after the ridiculous KKR one involving Hodge being left out of the game. The fact that DC still succeeded despite Gibbs' duck just gives the idea more credibility. He was never good at fixing the game anyway.

Deccan Chargers finished up the match in the 18th over. In a semifinal. That's just really fucked up on some level, and I'm sure Delhi realise it. What's more, I'm sure AB realises it. No glory for him.

To mourn the loss of Delhi, if you're a fan of theirs, the infamous Page 2 has an interview with Dirk, which mostly seems to be about how much his kid wants to go to the beach. But there's some real gems in there:
"If I am not good enough to be in the top 30 Australian cricketers, I will eat my hat."
I can't think of another cricketer who would say that, and there should be more that do. But I'll eat my hat to that too.
You know the best compliment I got in this IPL? It came from AB [de Villiers]. He said, you have a beautiful family, fantastic kids and a wonderful wife. What more can I ask for?
And you also have God, Dirk. You also have God.


richie_141 said...

I thought Dirk was God...

Esra_Star said...

Gotta love Gilly, although I agree Amy there is a creepy old train driver vibe I get from Gilly in his DC uniform.

As for Dirk eating hats only a true champion can say that. Binga needs to read that for a lesson on cockiness.

Amy said...

Richie, I wouldn't go so far as to say that. God could never get so angry. Zeus, maybe.

Esra, I hope you're imagining Binga stuffing hat after hat into his mouth in a manic display of eagerness to play, because I sure am.

raj said...

Gilly stuffed delli, just as we said
Next gilly will make kumble/dhoni look silly
Its dc, champions this year

Amy said...

He'll make Dhoni look silly, if he ever does. CSK can beat Bangalore easily if they don't fuck up.

But DC beating CSK is very hit or miss. If they fall to some good bowling, they can just as easily lose a match as they can win it if Gilly or Symonds get going. I suppose if Gibbs played well too, they might win, but Delhi's exit makes me hope it's Chennai that make it.