Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mumbai are out of it

I felt bad for them for a few minutes. Tendulkar looked so disappointed.

But, you know, shit happens. There were probably 5 teams which looked like they had a chance of getting into the semis, and one of them had to go. A series of poor performances by Mumbai led to this.

Meanwhile, Chennai continue to field like a bunch of idiots wearing clown boots, and it's starting to scare me very much. They concede about 20 extra runs a match due to bad fielding on the boundary. It's disturbing.

Albie was alright, Ryan Campbell didn't admit he wants to jump Albie. It's only a matter of time before he does. I swear his eyes glaze over when he talks about Albie. Today Campbell was in form, coming out with the best comments of all:
"If you get funky, you die."

Try relating that back to cricket.

Post-match, Dhoni and Hayden dodge around the topic of Parthiv Patel's general shittiness. They almost made it sound like he's a good player. Luckily, we know better. He was out first ball, a bit of a "fucking hell" moment for him.

And just on a different note, I'm curious about Neil McKenzie. This commentating thing isn't looking like a brief stint, it seems very real. Where is the explanation for it? Does this mean he's... out of it? If it does, what a stupidly quiet way to go. Haydos went out kicking and screaming in a similar situation, but it's like McKenzie just melded into commentating when nobody was looking. I hope he doesn't continue, because he looks like he's at a funeral out there. Some sort of undertaker, really.

Hope you enjoyed Jeremy Coney's "shameleons". I certainly did. And don't forget to vote for Miss Bollywood SA. It's the most important event of all, apparently.


Sam said...

I felt sorry for Sachin Tendulkar. he being part of loser teams has been a sad point in his great career.

Amy said...

Haha, that's a great way to put it.

The Chocolatecream Soldier said...

Maybe he turns them into losers, cus the Indian team sure as hell is winning a lot of games when he's nursing another injury.

BTW, did you see the group of cross-dressers who had come with the "Miss Bollywood South Africa" banner? I think Shahrukh found himself some mates.

Amy said...

The ones hanging out with the Miss Bollywood of the day? They were terrifying.

Esra_Star said...

I've been away for the weekend and reading this post (more specifically Ryan Campbell's quote of the day)cracked me up. I think my time away from the cricket has almost made me miss the dopey bastard...

McKenzie had me wondering too, although compared to 3/4 of the idiots in the commentary box I quite like when he gets a turn on the mic. But his interviews are truly painful.

Amy said...

Sadly enough, Ryan Campbell has grown on me, but only to the extent that I can bear him, nothing more.

McKenzie is a nice fellow and all but he looks a bit out of it when he hangs out near the dugouts. Especially when combined with his propensity to wear odd suits.