Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Tough Question

Can I be arsed watching the rest of the IPL? I've already dwindled down on the matches I catch, and that's usually only because the first one is shown at a time when I don't mind watching it.

But if the IPL were 20 days shorter, I wouldn't be feeling bored right now. Around the same time Lalit Modi is declaring this year's IPL a wonderful success, legions of cricket fans are turned off it completely.

I will watch the finals, because that's the only part of it that counts. And I will watch tonight's match between Chennai and Mumbai. Guess who'll win? Hopefully not the latter. And hopefully - I don't know how many times I'm going to say this before it comes true - Albie will hit the fucking ball and get a decent score.

Raina's ill form in the past few matches has caused him to slip down the leading run scorer's table. He is now 4th, behind Hayden, Gilly, and oh fuck... AB. But only by 4 runs. When did AB get back in the game anyway? There's a margin of almost 160 runs between 1st and 2nd. Hilarious.


Q said...

I dont see how one can be bored.. the race to the semis is even more intense than last year.. u cant afford to tune off.. the crickets been amazing.

Amy said...

There's an overload of cricket. Basically two matches every day becomes a bit of a drag.

I don't even have a real emotional investment in the tournament as others may have. Like Indian viewers, for whom this tournament is most important.

Q said...

I dont think its an overload.. the cricket has been awesome. And I have no emotional investment in it at all.. I'm not from India and have just been enjoying the cricket. Its intense. I support a new team everyday depending on my mood ;-)

I believe there is a case for having a similar format for the world twenty20.

Amy said...

Ah well, different strokes.

But I do find the different teams thing rather hilarious.

Q said...

U mean the supporting a new team everyday? Haha yeah.. i did a post last night on my estranged confusion regarding who to support..

Amy said...

More konfused than Kolkata? Nice.

Q said...

Yep, that one ;-)..

That confusion is true.. haha.. hence the change of support everyday..