Friday, 29 May 2009


Bet you missed me during my short absence. Nobody got the city right, it was actually Perth. Yeah, I know. Two hours behind Sydney, screwing with my sense of time. To kick things off again, here's a Spotto from Crystal:

Spotted: What... just what?

There is literally so much going on in that picture that I don't know which part to address first. Is it AB's roar as he jumps an almighty 80 metres into the air to take yet another stunning catch? Is it the crowd that might be trying to catch the ball or indeed AB himself?

I just don't know.


missjane said...

I think the 4 hour plane flight messes with you more.

Shoulda said you were over; we could've had a get together with Miss Field and gone stalking Warriors or something. err, not that I do that. OK, well, I could've given you my spare calendar to use as a prize.

Amy said...

And I could have sold off my free calendar too. Damn. Next time I come, I'll be sure to tell you. As it turned out, it was for work anyway.

Losing 2 hours from my day was always the worst part of it. I don't know how I'll cope.

Stani Army said...

Why is he trying to do a shit in mid air?

The supporters behind him better watch out, don't want the shit hitting the fan do we?

I win. Show me some lurrrrrve Ames. Come on, even you can admit that was good, no?

Amy said...

Bloody hell, that was absolutely shit. You've gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

AB posted that pic on his website

Amy said...

Did he? Okay then, doesn't matter too much. But I'd be more selective with the photo shots myself. Like, say, not sticking this particular one in with the rest. It's a pretty damn strange photo.

Stani Army said...

Does anyone agree with Amy? Surely not? May be you didn't understand it Ames. I'm sure my Mensa pal Esra got it.

Amy visits AB's site. Then pretends she never: "Did he? Okay then"

Amy said...

No, it's because Crystal sent the photo in. I've been on AB's site before, of course, but I didn't find the photo myself.

Stani Army said...

Liar Liar, BUM'S ON FIRE