Sunday, 24 May 2009

Semi-finals, being crap, and the number 146

What is that really? 146. What a pathetically shit score from a team that's supposed to have an excellent batting line-up, and who are going to give away 20 runs or so later in the game through misfields.

It just doesn't make sense. I suppose we should have known. From the moment those Mischief Gals were doing their circus troupe act during the pitch report, Chennai were doomed to make a relatively low or "okay" kind of score. Just on that point, Sunny Gavaskar made reference to the Mischief Gals' "curves". Dream on, mate.

Strangely enough, Parthiv Patel turned out to be the real menace today, like the little fucker he is. He was appointed the team maniac and I found myself smiling at his midget antics. Good going there.

So Chennai dropped off one by one, until Albie stepped out into the Bullring. And being such a sick bastard who only wants sons as children, he stopped Kumble during his run-up, and then promptly hit him for six the next ball. The last ball of the innings was also interesting. What do you reckon, was it a four or a six?

Some points of concern within the Bangalore team:
  • Kumble looks absolutely ancient chasing balls to the boundary.
  • Jacques Kallis really needs to shave off that tuft of hair in an otherwise bald spot. It's like some horrible head fungus. Although, you cannot even begin to imagine the thrill of seeing him be treated with disdain by batsmen.
  • Praveen Kumar looked spastic after the Raina wicket. What was up with that and what medication has Ray Jennings got him on?

All very pertinent questions which I'm sure will be answered in the BRC innings, in which CSK bowlers will have to step up or they're well and truly fucked.

By the way, caught sight of Mike Hussey on the sidelines. So stupid.


achettup said...

I thought Mumbai were stupid when they flew in Ashraful for theie final league match, but I get the feeling the franchises have gone out of their way to piss off the Aussies. McGrath and now Hussey... gawddammit even Bonnie McDonald got a game (Delhi lost!).
Wtf were Chennai doing between overs 13-20? Dhoni seemed determined to get no more than 145

Esra_Star said...

Woohoo I'm a touch excited. Didn't expect RCB to actually do well.

Jacques' fungus is truly disgusting but still hilarious.

ROFL gets more like Gunther every match. He's part crazy mongrel I'm sure.

Anonymous said...


Mariam said...

I MENT T PUT A SAD FACE :( accidentally put a smiley

Mariam said...

hey dat anonymous was me...who said fuck chennai lost...

raj said...

Commiserations. Dhoni is to blame. Looks like he didn't want more than 145 as acherrup said

Amy said...

Achettup, an even more appropriate question is why Jacob Oram was bowling that last over. But yes, CSK were going out of their way to prove they're capable of achieving an ordinary score.

Esra, I still maintain he's the evil elf from Santa's workshop, but there's also the dog vibes coming in as well. Bulldog is an apt nickname for him.

Mariam, I did.

Raj, they deserved to lose the match after that performance. It was unbelievably shit except for Parthiv and Murali. Otherwise, I'd have liked to have seen them in the finals.

Rayden said...

I am afraid it does not look good for India for the World T20. Dhoni just does not look the same player as he normally is, gambhir and sehwag out of form, the Indian bowlers look tired - and the ones doing well is not in our national side. Only Raina and Rohit Sharma look in some sort of form.

Amy said...

Who knows, maybe they'll find form for their country. Heh.