Saturday, 23 May 2009

Shopping With Dhoni

It's still happening. Oh god, stop it.

After two other creepy meetings with VB Chandrasekar, it's still going on.
The entire team went on a shopping spree as soon as we landed in Jo’burg. It was a huge store housing some of the finest brands in clothing, watches, sunglasses and jewelry offered at special prices. Dhoni, wearing designer clothes, looked very relaxed as I bumped into him a couple of times in the hotel lobby.

Yes, Dhoni was just relaxing in his designer clothes, having been on a shopping spree only hours earlier.

So Dhoni not only has private lunches with Raina sitting in his lap, but he also winks secretly at people and goes on shopping sprees, only to be seen relaxing in his designer outfit afterwards.

This is not the Dhoni I thought existed.


K said...

didn't know MS Dhoni stood for MetroSexual Dhoni.
i am shocked! and scarred for life!
i am sure dhoni will make them do winking drills for t20wc, and choose the team based on the label of their designer clothes! raina already seems infected.
and why does chandrashekhar write like a cheerleader? i mean a couple of anecdotes were enough, but these are the only things he seems to notice. why blog when you don't have the tools of the trade?
that is why FIP comes as such a refreshing change. oh well, you do too amy..
u r welcome.

Amy said...

I'm amazing, I know.

As for VB's blog, it's actually okay. I just pick out the weird things because the rest isn't worth mentioning.

raj said...

And Dhoni keeps bumping into VBC. Weird! Why bump, why cant he let him pass by!

Amy said...

That's what's shitting me. It's all so strangely surreal and like some sort of huge joke, only the joke's on us.

Maithreyi said...

Shut up, this is a man totally in touch with the finer aspects of life.

Which may or may not include having Raina in his lap and bumping into VB all the freakin time.

But I'm totally blinkered here.

Dhoni is man enough for my sensibilities. :-D

Amy said...

If you say so, but the image of Dhoni in his idea of fashionable clothes is a little hilarious.