Friday, 29 May 2009

A funny joke involving Ricky Ponting and his popularity

Apparently he is the most marketable sports star in Australia three years running. That's ahead of every other sportsperson we have in the country, every other intensely more likeable face on the sporting circuit. Those vitamins sure did Ricky a whole lot of good.

According to a survey conducted of the public by the Sweeney Sports Report between October 2008 and March 2009, Ricky has come out tops again, and Andrew Symonds has fallen dramatically to 36th on the list. Funny that.

The top 10 of the list are as follows:

1. Ricky Ponting (cricket)
2. Grant Hackett (swimming)
3.Adam Gilchrist (cricket)
4. Glenn McGrath (cricket)
5. Pat Rafter (tennis)
6. Ian Thorpe (swimming)
7. Stephanie Rice (swimming)
8. Cathy Freeman (athletics)
9. Steve Waugh (cricket)
10. Casey Stoner (motorcycling)

That's four cricketers in the top 10, Gilly, McGrath and Waugh being the other three. They're also retired, so there's that interesting fact to consider. Aussies really do love the men of the glory days.

"Only popular for you, baby. One for the vitamins."


raj said...

You mean, Ponting, Waugh, Gilly and McG are more popular than Warney in oz?
Well, you are a strange buch, I say.

Stani Army said...

Raj, Warne's only popular in England. It's a strange relationship between the Aussies and the English. On the surface they hate one another but behind the scenes they'll quite happily jump in bed with each other.

Amy said...

Warnie's popularity has only fluctuated because of the texting business. Otherwise, it's pretty solid. The public kind of hated him for a bit right after those scandals, though. It made his marketability fluctuate, I guess.

Prabu said...

If Warne were so popular still he wouldn't have be making the following statements:

"I'd be like the new ball by now"
"It's like yeah yeah"

Amy said...

Haha, yeah, the only thing he can sell these days is Advanced Hair. I guess that doesn't exactly do wonders for your marketability.