Sunday, 31 May 2009

Where Australia are at

Michael Clarke doesn't want to captain in his lifetime. Idiot. He'd rather be the perpetual vice-captain:

Ricky Ponting has suffered a small blow to his hand which apparently saw

He also later "apologetically declined to shake a journalists' hand, indicating the strapping round his arm." Everyone knows he just didn't want to get British germs, after being told by Brett Lee that they were all carrying the swine flu, the English being immune to it themselves after spending centuries in close contact with pigs. Very close contact.

Look at that fake concern on Brett's face.

Brad Haddin thinks this current team can "leave their mark as an Australian team". If he keeps edging his gloves in front of the stumps to claim stumpings, they sure will.

And Mitchell Johnson wants to bat in the top 6 as a batting all-rounder.

Looking good?


Q said...

And they're still thinking abt the Ashes when the World t20 is round the corner!

In that pic, it looks like Lee hit him. Are they hiding the true story to not make Ponting sound vulnerable against fiery pace?

Amy said...

It does, doesn't it? That would be a worthy conspiracy for sure. Brett getting back at Ricky after being out of a few series.

adverbin said...

You may plot all you want about overthrowing Ricky, but you cannot do it with a pup, you need a super bitch to do it .... Enter Katich.

Stani Army said...

Some people will always be number 2s Ames. In fact, when I finish cleaning and pull up my pants and then turn around to flush, I look down and what I see always reminds me of Michael Clarke. A true number 2.

Q, I thought that too! Lee looks as if he's thinking "how's that feel ah?"

Ames, "spending centuries in contact with pigs"...are you referring to the pre-colonial days?

Amy said...

Adverbin, you'd have to make sure you substituted Kato for Clarke or they'd be at each other's throats before you could plot to overthrow Ricky.

Stani, that is just a truly disgusting analogy.

Stani Army said...

Yes, those are the ones that people remember the best.

I'm sorry, that's all I could think of.