Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Abuse Of Damien Fleming

Let me tell you straight, I don't particularly like Tom Gleisner. He might have been responsible for one of the best Australian television shows ever, but he isn't all that funny himself. So after the genius that was Damien Fleming talking Synchrotron on Thank God You're Here a while back, it appears that his influence (or even anyone else's, but I'm gonna pick on Gleisner) on the show has resulted in even more spoof ads being created, each fronted by Fleming.

The only problem is, the exact same script as the first ad is used, with a few tweaks to make it relevant to the product. After a while, it gets old fast. Still, here's Damien Fleming's mockery of Aussie cricketers and their apparent ability to sell just about anything:

And Fleming on a sewerage treatment plant, funny if only to see him holding suspicious-looking material:

I do believe there's yet another for surgical tools, but by that stage, even Flemo's charms can't save the doomed project.


Lulu said...

Haha, you remember Frontline?!

I agree, that spoof was funny the first time but it's turned into a pretty lazy time killer.

Amy said...

Yep, I do remember Frontline. Great show, I'm glad we've got something with Rob Sitch in it again. The Hollowmen might just be equally as hilarious as Frontline.

Lulu said...

Hollowmen is pretty good; not laugh-out-loud, but watchable.

Amy said...

I laugh often enough. Lachy Hulme has done a damn good job in the lead role, and you wouldn't have thought Merrick Watts could be so funny in a supporting role.

It's not Frontline, but it's something else of its own.