Friday, 22 May 2009

Cocky Binga

He says he's not being cocky, but as soon as you say that, you give your whole game away. Brett Lee gets confident about his ability to perform in the Ashes:
"I knew I'd done the hard work. I don't want to sound cocky, and I know I haven't played much lately, but I was confident I'd be picked once I'd done the work. I was hoping my 300-odd Test wickets would speak for themselves; my 10 years of playing with the Australian team."

If only he'd slipped in even more statistics of his brilliance.
"My body feels great. The last 18 or 19 weeks I've worked extremely hard, a lot of gym and cardio work, and I'm bowling at 150-odd now. I'm only four games into it so getting back to that sort of pace so early, it just really excites me because I'm still two or three months away from being at top pace."

Brett expects to be topping 180 in a few months. Yeah, that good. Breaking records is an everyday occurrence for him, that silly bastard. You'd think so from his incredible enthusiasm.

If you didn't know better, you'd almost expect him to do brilliantly from word go in England. The only problem is, Brett isn't very consistent or stable in his performances. Maybe that extra weight and muscle he gained in a crazy steroids operation will give him the edge this time. His bowling figures sure don't show signs of his supposed position as being Australia's best fast bowler. I believe that title belongs to Mitchell Johnson now.


Anonymous said...

Johnson has never played in England. We'll see if he's really Aus' best fast bowler when he bowls there.

Anonymous said...

You do post shit, don't you? My god. Lee will replace Hilfenhaus. Hilditch is a Lee lover and will make sure he's in the XI.

Rayden said...

Honestly I hope Lee does well in England. He is one of the good guys of world cricket. Also even though Johnson is clearly right now Australia's best bowler, Lee is not bad either and if he does find his form he is worth picking in the final XI.

I have a feeling Lee will bowl really well in England. He is desperate to prove himself and just in case he fails in the upcoming Ashes, thats goodbye to his Test career.

Stani Army said...

What's a binga Amy?

...and keep posting "shit", I love it I do

Amy said...

Anonymous, I just love posting shit. It's the best part of my day.

Rayden, the thing with Brett Lee is that he just doesn't prove himself consistently enough to make him a must-have for every game. I hope he does well enough, but only if he shows he's worth it.

Stani, A Binga is this.

Stani Army said...

A washing machine salesman?

Amy said...

And they wonder why people make fun of him.