Saturday, 23 May 2009

Kevin Rudd Makes a Cricket Joke

For all you fuckers who insisted he couldn't be funny, take this from his Twitter (oh yes, very high tech, that Kev):
Was at SCG this morning with Ricky Ponting passing on best for the upcoming Ashes tour. Ricky wisely turned down my offer to help him out with a few overs in the nets.

Just keep those cricket jokes coming, Kevin. You'll be popular again.


Stani Army said...

What the heck Ricky, not all Prime Ministers bowl like Howard you know.

Missed opportunity to show the ECB that even the Aus Prime Minister can play. That would have really got 'em worrying before the Ashes.

Ponting never struck me as the brightest thing.

Amy said...

Oh yeah, Kevin's all fired up for the Ashes. Bowling a few offbreaks to warm up for it and all.