Tuesday, 26 May 2009

"Isn't this the squad England wanted you to pick?"

I laughed. From SMH, a tale of an encounter between Ricky and a rather hilarious BBC correspondent:
When Australian captain Ricky Ponting addressed a packed media room at the SCG last week he was grilled at one point by a commentator from the BBC who thought the whole thing was funnier than a Monty Python skit. "Ricky," he said. "Isn't this the squad England wanted you to pick?" Ponting raised an eyebrow. He brushed him off, albeit politely, for supposedly talking nonsense. But the guffawing bloke from the BBC had a point.
The tense silence after the question had been asked would have been magical. Ricky's an expert at all that stuff.

But you gotta admit, no matter where your loyalties lie, that is pretty fucking funny.

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