Friday, 22 May 2009

The Semifinals Arrive

I am officially back in Sydney, friends, and therefore available to watch the semifinals and finals of the IPL at my leisure.

So the semis are here. Finally. Over the past week, I've been feeling rather disillusioned by the tournament, as though the finals just won't arrive. And now they have, so it's time to gently guide yourself into caring slightly about the games, or do nothing if you'd already been frenetic in a state of overwhelming excitement. As it is, I'm one of the first, so it's taking a little something to make myself want to watch the first match between Delhi and Deccan. Especially when I dread the possibility a certain player will do his usual stuff and singlehandedly win the match for his team.

To be honest, Delhi are favourites to win this year's title. The only way that won't happen is if in the final, they fuck up big time and have one huge brain explosion which gives the opposing team the edge. If DD play consistently and to their strengths, they should be able to win the tournament easily enough.

The old bloke on the team they haven't played yet in favour of Dirk Nannes reckons he might be out of it next year. A bit disappointing, seeing as he could easily have been one of their best performers, but for once, there's a team in the IPL that's struggling to get all their best players in as much as Delhi are. I'm pretty sure no other team has a man like Glenn McGrath on the sidelines because the other players are so talented. Says Glenn:
"I have asked a couple of people about why I was not being played, and I get the sense that they were worried about my fitness. I feel fitter than I did last year, but I guess I will not get a chance to prove that now."

His fitness, hey? He also says he "would not bet on returning" next year.

I'm also very cleverly refusing to comment on a certain revelation involving Shoaib Akhtar and his busy dick. I cannot bring myself to even contemplate doing so, it's just that bad. Although I did say in an earlier post sometime that it was groin problem. But will you just look at the manwhore walked around with his herpes? Pakistan shouldn't have said anything about it and just let half the world's cricketers get infected during the ICC World T20. Because you know they would.


raj said...

Ok, prediction time.
Gilly to beat Delhi(wow!Rhyme!)
Dravid to miserably fail in the semis, and Anil's magic to fade, and Dhoni to get his team through to the finals.
Gilly to overcome B'lore and lift the trophy

adverbin said...

I guess you did not catch DD's near choke (or brain fade) against Bhajji yesterday. If Viru-Gauti hadn't found form and nearly reached the target all by themselves before that.....
DC has a pretty good chance today.
And raj, if Gilly beats Delhi and Dhoni trumps blore in the semis, how come Gilly will have to overcome blore, not the soopher kings, to lift the trophy?

K said...

csk will drop their catches out of the tournament. And dhoni will look even more embarrased than he does now. i can't wait for the wct20 to start and see some actual quality cricket. sehwag hits form? the god has spoken. thou shall bow down in regard to his sheer awesomeness when he kallis's pies into his face.
Mc grath disappointed? sure he is, every team whose semifinal place was known gave a game to all their players. wonder why DD could not give him a game when MI can give ashraful one?

The MG said...

Ah, I see! You want Shoaib to solve your AB problem :P

raj said...

adverbin, sorry that must be Gilly overcomes Dhoni's team. Freudian slip?

Yeah, DD look primed to lose in semis again. Not that Viru will care. He is just going to "Today wasnt our day" it away.

Indophile said...

Raj dude you are sopy just 1 min before Viru said it was not our day and as usual in big games Gilli blasted out the oppositon. Stupid of Delhi not to play McGrath he could have stopped Gilli the way he bowled Lara

Amy said...

Raj, well will you look at that? Delhi won. I don't trust your predictions about CSK though. They will miraculously make it through, and now Delhi's out of the game, they might even win it if they play well enough. Or if the opposition fucks up big time.

K, relative to the IPL, I can't wait for the World T20 either. Not that I'm shitting myself over it, but at least it'll be better than this because every player will genuinely care about getting their team through.

MG, I'm sure it would happen regardless. Six degrees of separation, when it comes to AB.

Indophile, they might just regret not giving McGrath a game. But it was never for certain, I suppose.