Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ashes Coverage in Australia

There's a little bit of choice going into the Ashes series this year, which isn't all that common for any overseas matches. But this is the Ashes, and so Fox Sports won't be the only option for Australian viewers, just as it wasn't in 2005.

SBS has joined in one the game again and is going to broadcast the series live, the only FTA broadcaster to choose to do so in 2005 and even now. As we all know, Nine's commitment to matches outside of Australia is more than weak.

The SBS broadcast will include morning updates, daily highlights and live coverage from 7:30pm for each of the five Tests, available in HD. FOX SPORTS will start their coverage at 7pm, with a one hour pre-game show. It will, of course, be in HD too.

FOX is throwing around names like Nick McArdle, Mark Waugh, Allan Border, Brendon Julian, Greg Blewitt, Damien Fleming, and there will be commentary from Shane Warne, David Gower, Ian Botham and Michael Holding.

The presentation team at SBS will he headed by Stuart MacGill, and the other two main players will be Damien Martyn and Greg Matthews. They'll be providing analysis of the Test matches and ODIs in England.

One of the good things about this is more choice for viewers, and perhaps a reprieve from some of the more annoying characters over at FOX. It also means viewers without cable subscription can watch the series live, which is always a good thing. So when you tune into the Ashes this year, which channel will you be supporting? Will you show the good old fellows at SBS a sign of your solidarity or will it be Mark Waugh all the way for you?


Stani Army said...

We have nothing Free. Just highlights. C**ts

You know you said you were gonna nick Albie's (male) bat. I told him to get one of these:

missjane said...

ABC radio will be my media of choice, but for TV SBS all the away... cricinfo commentary filling the gaps. apart from the bits where I'll be in England, at the game. :)

a long time ago, when cricket was on 7 (i know, old school heh?) i actually wrote and complained that they weren't showing the Ashes in England. i got a very polite letter in response which basically said, 'sorry, not enough people care about it.' well OF COURSE not because its not on free TV, is it??

at least with McGill commenting, we might get some ideas about what to drink while watching the cricket.

Amy said...

Stani, it's okay, you can say cunts here all you like. Last I heard, there weren't any little kiddies reading the blog, apart from you.

MJ, I do love Grandstand's coverage of the cricket. Radio can be great for keeping up with the game. But lucky you, going to England for those matches.

Channel 7 and all its commercial friends couldn't care less about cricket outside Australia. It's incredibly annoying.

Stani Army said...

What does cunts mean Ames?