Friday, 29 May 2009

Australia Pull Up In England

If you're interested, David Hussey appears to have packed about half of the luggage his brother has, or about half of each of the senior members of the team. Ricky can't leave behind his blanky, it seems.

Mike Hussey is doing a lot of the talking, and most of the news outlets have jumped on his Ashes comments, being that England are a good team and so are Australia, etc. What you'd expect. He then goes on to talk about the World T20, and how he thinks Australia "have a good chance". Fat luck. If there's anything Australia's going to lose soon, it's going to be the World T20.

But amidst it all is a very confusing comment which I cannot even begin to understand:
"I'd be lying if I said the Ashes weren't at the back of our minds but we've got a different squad really for the Twenty20 so we are 100 percent focused on that at the moment."
He'd be lying if he said they weren't at the back of his mind? So they really are at the back of his mind? What a strangely worded comment.


Stani Army said...

Dhoni's started selling too.

Amy said...

I understood that completely.

Stani Army said...


You want me to tell Mensa about you?

You're taking the piss again aren't you? If you really don't understand my jokes (they really are mine. I do not have the world's funniest person held hostage for the purpose of giving me his/her material) then you can ask for an explanation.

I'm very patient and caring like that. I will take you through it step by step. I never take the piss out of people.

Amy said...

Too bad I do.

Stani Army said...

You do understand or you do take the piss?

Amy said...

Take the piss, Stani. It's in my genes.

Esra_Star said...

Taking the piss is an Aussie must Stani.

Stani Army said...

But your genes are English Ames?

I watched a documentary by Dr Alice Roberts on the BBC. It was about how humans, having first emerged in Africa, spread throughout the world into different colours, features and general dumbness. She said only a small group of people, just a couple of hundred or so, managed to leave Africa. Everyone who is not African (looking) today has come from these couple of hundred people. There are DNA markers to show this. Whether you're a Brit, Aussie, Pakistani, Chinese etc, you all came from that small group. I guess that makes us all piss takers then Es?

So all that time that I've been thinking you girls have been complimenting me, you've been actually taking the piss? tell me that's not true? All that carving your name in park benches and on trees was just a waste of time?

Amy said...

Of course it was.

I did know about the African gene pool. Tell it to a racist and it sure shuts them up.

Stani Army said...

But that's what racists are Ames. Just dumb!

How can you discriminate on skin color?

Do I call you Sis now?