Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Cultivating England's Hunger

It almost sounds disturbing, doesn't it? As if 'Eye of the Tiger' should be the soundtrack to this "cultivation" of England's hunger, accompanied by a montage of the Brit boys training for the biggest Test series of their lives.

What am I talking about? You will soon know. Andrew Strauss, having just won a ridiculous 2 Test series against the Windies 2-0, has this to say about his boys:

"If you look at the way the guys are practising at the moment, there's a real hunger to improve - and we need to cultivate that and make sure it grows and grows."

...and grows and grows and grows.
But the only truly creepy comment made was by Jimmy Anderson about England's 7 year old player. I am speaking of none other than Stuart Broad of course. Because not only does Jimmy acknowledge that Broad's biological age is actually 22 (I maintain it is in the single digits, however), but he also has a rather terrifying claim:

"[Broad] has a 30-year-old's head on his shoulders."

I hope I am not the only person who immediately visualised a bobblehead toy of Broad featuring an excessively large head as is the bobblehead way.

Of course he's hit puberty, idiots. That is in no way the face of a pre-pubescent boy.


raj said...

I just got to know that Andrew McDonald is in the IPL, and that too in Viru's team! Fancy that!

Amy said...

It's hard to miss him sitting in the dugouts. No matter how hard he tries to hide that hair under a cap, it always pokes through. Haha.

Stani Army said...

Guy's a disgrace. Constant moaning at umpires (even though daddy is a match referee), even blames them for his own wides. A few golden people tell me his dad used to do just the same. I am still yet to see him turn to the umpire when appealing.

Is currently on my list of irritating cricketers who do not deserve to play the game, just behind Sidebottom and Harbhajan Singh.

Full list is available for a small fee.

Anonymous said...

Broad sucks. He looks like a sooky girl. His economy rate is poor.

Amy said...

Stani, I'd like the list without paying the fee. If there is a fee involved, I'm claiming my blog as it. You read it, don't you? Now share all.

Anonymous, sooky girl? What about just a sook? I like that.

Stani Army said...

Amy, the fee was meant go to you anyway. I know i should have made it clearer. I tried putting it in small print but wasn't able to.

At the end of the day, any money that does not end up in the hands of Lalit Modi can only be beneficial to the human race. This was my intention....try and claw some back.