Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sachin enjoys his ice-cream

This has got to be one of the most bizarre things I have ever read. I feel as though it's all some sort of huge joke, because it is just so strange. Like something out of a dream in which you stroll down the street and meet a multitude of interesting people in the most odd places:
Hunting for veggies, I bumped into Dhoni and Raina tucked away in a corner at Nando’s.
What were they doing alone there, tucked away in a little corner? Why couldn't they eat in the public eye, and what's more, why was VB hunting for veggies in a corner at Nando's?
Dhoni suggested that a veg platter would be an ideal meal to have. But I was more concerned for his finger and enquired if he was applying ice. He winked and shrugged his shoulders, obviously meaning he had not shown enough attention to it.
I'm trying to imagine Dhoni tucked away in a little corner, with Raina in his lap, winking at someone.
I threatened to find him a South Indian girl as life partner if he continued to neglect!
WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOUTH INDIAN GIRLS, I ASK? I know a few. Nothing is the answer. Wait, does the joke have something to do with a caretaker wife? I thought so. Meanwhile, in this bizarre tale, VB tells the South Indian girl joke and the 3 of them burst into raucous laughter.
On the way back, I was surprised to see Sachin and Zak (Zaheer Khan) enjoying ice creams.
WHAT IS GOING ON? Imagine Sachin standing on the street, surreptitiously licking his ice-cream.
This is evident from the passion exhibited by Haydos for surfing. He can talk and surf for hours on end.
Ideally, in this strange dream, Haydos would surf up to you on the dry street and talk while surfing. A remarkable achievement.
In contrast, Jacob Oram, besides pouring over a variety of books, spends his time following the soccer and rugby circuits.
Am I the only one who didn't know Jacob Oram was a rather bookish individual? Again, in this strange dream, he would be wandering down the street, glasses perched on the end of his nose, reciting Shakespeare aloud.

And those are the adventures of the Chennai Super Kings taken straight out of Bizarro World.


12th Man said...

Yes, South Indian women have a history of being good caretakers of their husbands. Times are changing though.

Daniel Vettori looks more geeky and nerdy than Jacob Oram.

If CSK win today, they most probably would progress enough ensure a semi final berth. Kings XI punjab will drop down to join KKR. Both my wishes will be satisfied.

raj said...

12th Man, more likely Yuvraj Singh puts it past against your flaky CSK. Even if they lose, KXI will not join KKR. KKR are in a league of their own.
Anyway, KXI are going to win today, and CSK in teh bottom half again

Q said...

It is intriguing to witness the cricketers off the field ;-)

Maithreyi said...


I'm talking to my parents right now. Will pack off to Ranchi for the maapillai-paathufying asap. ;-)

Dhoni and Raina tucked away in a corner at Nando's. Dhoni winking. *giggle* My wildest fantasy coming true.

Raj, reeelly?

Although, I agree, anything's possible. When I heard that Rohit Sharma had taken a hat-trick against Mumbai, it took me hours to digest it, hours in which I startled people by randomly crying out "Rohit Sharma! Hat-trick!". I was threatened with physical violence at least four times today and twice actually had footwear shaken at me.

Obviously watching the IPL is very hazardous to your health.

Amy said...

12th, you have it all worked out. I like it.
And Oram's the surprise geek. You'd think it's Dan but no, he's too busy playing cricket by day and being a superhero at night.

Raj, dream on, mate. Dream on.

Q, I'll bet. I never knew Sachin was capable of eating ice-cream in a public place.

Maithreyi, it's clearly some sort of joke that a part-time bowler like him can get wickets but other WELL DESERVING specialist bowlers don't manage one their entire career. I'm disappointed JP gave him that last wicket.

raj said...

Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh. Who next? Anil Kumble better give the ball to Virat Kohli next match. And Sachin can try JPD. Delhi ofcourse have AB. He'll take 4 in 4 or 5 wickets in 5. We'll have to invent a new term.

raj said...

BTW, Kings XXI are winning tonight. Only rain can save Chennai.

Amy said...

Funny. It did.