Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sybrand Engelbrecht: Learn It

Before I pop off to go suffer illness in misery, I needed to point out a recent blog on Cricinfo's The Surfer.

Jane alerted me to the post which I would not have otherwise seen. Apparently you're allowed to talk about ambidextrous fielders and NOT MENTION SYBRAND. If you talked about the best leggie in the world, you wouldn't hesitate to mention Shane Warne. And if you're talking about the best fielders in the world, it would make complete sense to mention Sybrand, although his compatriot Jonty Rhodes thinks otherwise.

But when you talk about ambidextrous fielders, surely you'd mention Sybrand.

...Batsmen will no longer play to a fielder's weak side because there won't be one. Push to the left of cover, and he will pick up with his left hand and throw; to the right and he is equally comfortable on that side.

Sounds like it was written with one person in mind, and that person isn't JP Duminy, or AB de Villiers, or even Paul Collingwood.
It's Sybrand Engelbrecht. Simple, militarian name. Learn it.


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