Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dhoni winks again

What is going on? Why does he keep winking at VB Chandrasekar? The last time he did it, he was tucked away in a corner of Nando's having an intimate lunch with Suresh Raina. But really, all this winking is getting out of control.
Fleming was found busy writing and we assumed it was a report. It was in fact lyrics to the team song which was sung in chorus inside the dressing room. I was too busy shooting a video and could not be part of the festivities. Dhoni winked and suggested it to be put on the YouTube.

Apart from the fact, Stephen Fleming wrote a team song for the Chennai Super Kings, and that everyone sung it, this portrait of Dhoni that is slowly being painted is mostly one of gelled hair and winks. And paedophilia.

Please, somebody. Stop it.

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