Thursday, 14 May 2009

Iris you bitch

She said Bell would be playing.

I guess she was wrong. And she took my goddamn money too.

I hate psychics, and am currently hunting desperately for my Magic 8 ball, which I lost somewhere in the vicinity of 12th Man's blog. If you see it, do return it. I'm losing all my bets on winners without it.

Stupid Iris. She denied me entertainment.

On the other hand, England now have a greater chance of winning this match without bells and bottoms adorning their ranks.


12th Man said...

You should have backed the right bets. For Chennai's sake, I atleast expect Albie to deliver now.

ROLF is playing today too.

Chris said...

Does this mean the other prediction is wrong too?

Amy said...

12th, if he's been useless until now, he's going to be useless in the finals if they make it.

Chris, oh alright, I made that second prediction up. You caught me.