Thursday, 14 May 2009

Predictions with the aid of a psychic

I've had a long chat to a phone psychic about the games going on today. I might have spent over $100 trying to find the answers, but now I have hard proof to back my statements.

First of all, lovely England. I didn't have much time because stupid Iris kept stalling for time, but she did get one prediction through:
Ian Bell c Gayle b Edwards 3

At that point, I actually spent about 5 minutes laughing, and Iris billed for me it too, that stupid bitch. The only other comment she made was:

Better Morkel hits 51* off 23 balls

That's more like it.


Chris said...

We'll see if the Ian Bell prediction comes true...

Amy said...

Guess it isn't going to happen at all, then.