Thursday, 14 May 2009

Explaining the AB factor

Apparently many people cannot fathom why me and AB are such great enemies. Have you forgotten everything, my friends? Or do I need to reiterate?

I think I'll reiterate.

So no, I don't love AB. Not at all. I don't love him openly, I don't love him secretly, I'm not a closet AB fan. Nothing, not at all.

He had his chance to redeem himself. Remember that? The Ask AB question from me which he actually answered like a decent human being? At that point, if he continued with this new form, I was ready to accept that maybe it would be better if AB and I weren't enemies.

But then he fucked it up the very next post, and started talking about "giving Jesus the steering wheel and letting him drive". No matter how sane his response to my question was, I cannot forgive a crackpot comment like that.

So AB had his chance, he lost it. And I don't love AB. I'm very open in my blatant discrimination of him.

I blame Achettup for starting all the rumours that I was secretly in love with AB. Damn you to AB's kind of hell. I can't stop hearing the end of it. But for everyone who's asked my whether I love AB, just remember that the person you're blindly following has claimed AB de Villiers as his very own. So who's got the closet AB loving going on now, eh?

That said, all AB lovers are welcome here. I like your little AB-loving guts most of the time. Except when you say Albie's a terrible player. Then it's just shithouse.


Chris said...

Don't much care for AB myself so might as well take your side Amy

Amy said...

Just kidding, I love AB.

rahul said...

for a long time yesterday i was wondering how Albie was bowling so well. There had to be something wrong somewhere.

After a while, i came to know Albie was suffering with a stomach ailment and was scoring runs profusely off the pith

Amy said...

With AB? Oh god. Save me.