Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Jacques is a T20 Player

All the T20 squads are out, and it's pretty much what's you expect.

Except for South Africa. Forget having Johan Botha there, there is apparently the need for a fat bastard who can't bowl T20 and shouldn't be able to bat in it either. What is the world coming to when you pick an old potato over an up-and-coming player, any up-and-coming player. I'm sure they have plenty to choose from in their domestic league.

But no, Jacques Kallis' extraordinarily strange strike rate of over 100 in the last match seems to have saved him. When he gets hit around the park during the tournament, then we'll see who has the last laugh.



rhoe said...

You know it. LOL.. at least you'd be entertained.

Amy said...

Oh, yeah, that's for sure. I can't wait to see the best in the world, or even the crappiest, punish Jacques for daring to think he could work in this format.

You don't spend your entire career collecting 10,000+ runs at a snail's pace and then expect to succeed in a game where a SR of over 100 is necessary.

Esra_Star said...

Mickey Arthurs is pleased with his squad and thinks they can win. Sure, if Jacques is on the pine. What the fuck were the selectors thinking? His batting th other night was akin to test batting and most of the big shots were by accident!

Amy said...

What are you saying? Jacques played with class and skill far beyond (or should I say beneath, seeing as he's an old man now?) his years. His cover drive was a short of perfection, and my oh my, he was indeed the unflappable Jacques of old.

Simply unflappable.