Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Another win in your face

Chennai beat the Chargers. Excellent.

Go Jakati and Dhoni. AND GO WINNING.

Albie wasn't too bad either. 2/24 and he also managed not to get out from his 5 balls. Improving there, I see. The entire top order performed so he didn't need to do much (although Murali Vijay is a little slow in his run scoring).

But go Jakati and go Dhoni.

And go winning by 78 runs.


Lulu said...

So... I was wrong about Laxman :(

Anonymous said...

Days change for everybody at the top. today its MS , tomorrow's game it would be his deputy!!

rhoe said...

I was impressed by Albie's improvement. Deccan however.. shame. I felt bad for Gilly. Post match hand shaking with so much gusto.

12th Man said...

Chennai at the top of the points table.

Go for the tournament me lads.

raj said...

yeah, Sam. Its gonna be Yuvraj now. Today and then against Chennai as well. Chennai's is exactly the kind of bowling Yuvraj feasts on - except for Murali - I am sure he'll show the likes of Jakati, Tyagi, Morkel, Oram and Balaji, especially Balaji, who's the boss. Unless Balaji is dropped ofcourse, which is the only wah Balaji can escape punishment from Yuvraj.
Today's match: Warne all the way. Yuvraj likely to do well. Difficult for him against Warne ofcourse, but if he manages to come in when the medium pacers like Pathan and Abdulla are bowling, it is doomsday for Jaipur. Let's see, I am sure Warne will pull one more rabbit out of the hat and defeat Kings XI today.
(Oh Warney, you are my last hope, everyone else including Gilly have let me down :-( )

Amy said...

Lulu, unfortunately, yes. Albie really showed him.

Sam, that or Dhoni continues on his winning streak as he has done for the Indian national team.

Rhoe, it was even more awkward after the RR match. Gilly had to spend a good 15 minutes in the close company of Warnie knowing he'd lost. I would kill to have heard the conversation.

12th, From 2nd last to 1st. Remarkable improvement. Now if only the underdogs win in the next few matches, they might stay close to the top.

Raj, I think the Royals could beat Kings XI. It's always possible. Maybe Yusuf Pathan will remind Yuvraj that his bowling isn't good enough for a hat-trick after all.

12th Man said...

Dear Mr.Raj,

If only Yuvraj singh was as good as what you have mentioned, he would have been as good as a Sachin or a Dravid.

You must be from Punjab or be Kings XI supporter or be a singh to support him. Else I don't see any reason behind your irrational optimism.

He is not because he is inconsistent. I agree with you that he is shit against top class spinners.

12th Man said...

The paragraph 3 should have preceded paragraph 2 in the comment.

Amy said...

Did you know Yuvraj signs his autographs as "*Heart* Singh"? What a wanker.

raj said...

1th Man, cool ma. From your blog name, I can conclude that I come from the same stock as you :-).
*Amy and others ignore this*
naan idhellam oru calculation-la predict pannindurukken. Appurama ellam mudinjappuram solren :-)

12th Man said...

Sure Raj, let us see how your calculations pan out.

*Heart* Singh?? That's too much!

Lulu said...

So you have Yuvi's autograph?

Amy said...

I do. He's a bit of a dickhead, he tried hitting on me. Someday I might tell you guys the story.