Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sehwag: Watch ball, hit ball

Sehwag is a genius. Note the following exchange:

Colly: 'What's going on technically in your mind when the bowler's running in? Are you saying, I've got to get this right?'
Sehwag: 'No, no, no, watch ball, hit ball.'

Best method ever?

You may say yes, but in order to be able to focus so intently and simply "watch ball, hit ball" you need to have an uncluttered mind. Here is where the real genius kicks in. Apparently Sehwag sings songs to himself:

"I want my mind to be absolutely free while facing up to a bowler. I try to hum songs, Sai Baba bhajans and Kishore Kumar songs, especially those pictured on Amitabh Bachchan till the bowler is about to deliver.

I then tell myself: watch it. I try to sing songs as perfectly as possible in order to keep my mind completely uncluttered."

I bet he didn't tell Colly that.

Watch man, hit man.

I'd be really interested in knowing exactly what kind of songs those are.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Sai bhaba bhagans are basically religous songs while kishore kumar is a popular singer from the seventies. He sang a heap of songs that were picturised on amitabh bachan who is still an extremely popular bollywood actor now. Basically sewagh sings hindi songs popular with people his age or older.

Amy said...

Ah, thanks. 70s songs, you say? That would be really interesting. I wonder if any fielders have ever noticed he hums songs consistently. It would be sort of awkward for everyone involved. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Here's a youtube link for you.


raj said...

Well, Kishore Kumar and A.Bachchan cover a wide gamut of emotions in their songs. I can never give one example and explain however there is one particular song which KK sang for AB, which might be very suitable for Sehwag to hum at the crease. It goes:
"Hey you admiring blokes and fans. Look who's here. It's me, the boss. Recognise me. Can you see it. yeah, it's me the boss, the boss, the DON. Yeah."

Srishti said...

should give you a basic idea. make sure you watch from the 1 minute part at least, it gets pretty amazing.

Srishti said...

ok sorry its an edited video with some random guy in a blue shirt, but still.

Anonymous said...

some bollywood goodness from the 70s- a song from the same movie raj talked about. a must watch!

rhoe said...

Amy. Always with the best scoops. :)

Wonder what Sreesanth was hearing when he did that dance after hitting Gunther for 6?? *shudder* It still haunts me. :(

Amy said...

BAS, I watched a few, those are so awesome. I felt like I was on crack or something. Or they were.

Raj, the Don? I think that song's taken :P

Srishti, hahahaha, that is so hilarious. Oh my god, what wacky dancing. I love it.

Anon, the thought of Sehwag singing that is just too perfect for words. The thought of him breaking into dance is even better.

Rhoe, I have the soundtrack to Sreesanth's mind. It's not pretty.