Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tonight's Matches

If I weren't backing one team out of the four playing team, I imagine both matches would seem boring. As it turns out, I want CSK to win and so I am interested in the second match. The first however... Deccan Chargers vs. Rajasthan Royals. You know, it might be great, but it could also be a complete pushover.

I think perhaps Kamran Khan will be out due to injury? Not sure how serious that injury was, but it did look painful enough.

And apparently Sehwag is also out because of the finger injury. I think Ryan Campbell had a go at Indian cricketers and said something like "He was pretty quick to leave the field as soon as it touched his finger". Little does Campbell know it was all a conspiracy, and Delhi had planned beforehand to fake an injury and bring David Warner on as a substitute fielder so he could orchestrate more dismissals. Bastards.

Okay, so they didn't fake it. I think he had to get stitches. If he isn't playing, the gap in the side isn't going to be all too big, to be honest. Another talented cricketer will just crawl slimily into his place and fix the gap.

Chennai have won a match after Freddie left. His services weren't so desperately valuable after all. On the Nasser Hussain comment, it's quite peeved me off because for one, I've never understood the merit in the "so you want to have your cake and eat it too?" argument. Because yes, if I have my goddamn cake I'd like to eat the fucking thing. Wouldn't you? It would be real scrumdiddlyumptious. I'm sure Willy Wonka would agree. That man would never let a travesty such as having a cake and not eating it occur.

Alright then, moving away from strange analogies and expressions. Apparently there's one sport that Australians can beat the saffas at. Go Waratahs.


Chris said...

Delhi will win but for your sake I'm going for Chennai

Amy said...

Chris, I'm flattered and delighted.

Maithreyi said...

I'm backing Badrinath to hit a 46-ball century today.

Just because I can.

Go Badri!

Amy said...

Funny, I was backing Albie to do exactly the same. Only I'd been a little ambitious and hoped he'd do it in 25 balls, just to rub the excess of sixes in AB's face. Let's see AB trying to field sixes.

Maithreyi said...

AB'll just sprout wings and rise into the air and catch the ball, dontcha know. The camera will freeze the moment he catches the ball, wings spread, back arching ever so gently, wisps of hair escaping a cap ever-so-askew.

That'll make way for a surreal Matrix-like camera shot, and then a final shot of AB with the sun behind his head (sun in a night match? Why not?) before time returns to its usual pace and he glides gracefully to the ground, wings slowly folding in.


... Okay, a. The summer is really getting to me, and b. I've been reading/writing too many cheap fantasy tales, and c. I SUCK at sarcasm.

richie_141 said...

Can I get an Amen!!

Although you forgot to mention the angel chorus...

Amy said...

Looks like AB's been upping his intake of Red Bulls.

And so have you, Maithreyi.

Maithreyi said...

Ah ha ha.

I haven't had a Red Bull in my life.

(... Okay, maybe half a can about couple of years ago, but I ended up spitting out the whole thing.)

Oh, look! Deccan have started channeling their inner Chennai!

How *do* you lose after having the opponent at 3/3?

(Also creepy? Chennai started their campaign last year in the same fashion. Won their first four, then lost their next three, the second of those three losses to Rajasthan).

raj said...

Maithreyi, if Badri gets 46 off 46 balls, we should be happy. That's the best the lad can do. You shouldnt pressure yourself by having such expectations :-).

Now, Albie. That's a man who can get a 100 off 46 balls. But not when AB is in the opposition. I guess Albie loes his mojo when he sees AB on the field while he is batting and on strike while he is bowling.
Anyways, as I said, Delhi vs Chennai. No contest. Delhi all the way.

Maithreyi said...


No Sehwag! No Vettori! No Parthiv, with Murali Vijay coming in!

I don't know about you, but I'd seriously rethink "Delhi all the way".

Although the odds still favour Delhi at this point.

(And MS? Hello, Shadab Jakati IS part of the XI, you know! He should take a copy of the eleven in his pocket onto the field and refer regularly).

raj said...

Maithreyi, no matter what, Chennai arent beating Delhi. At the least, you arent going to catch me ever predicting a Chennai win :-)

Yeah, MSD needs to keep awake on the field - like, know the 11 players on field for a beginning. He forgot Ashwin the other day, and Jakati day before. Seriously, I think it is a problem of lack of confidence in unproven youngsters. The exact opposite of Shane Warne, who gets some random unknown, dopes him or something, and the youngster delivers. Dhoni needs proven performers in his team to deliver as captain. Well, I have never liked Warne but IPL has made me a fan of his.

No Sehwag but there's WARNER, eager to prove himself. Who is in place of Vettori? McGrath? Well, you know what that means - game, set and match to Delhi. (Besides, when you have ABD, who else do you need?)

Maithreyi said...
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Maithreyi said...

Nah, no McGrath. It's Rajat Bhatia.

Bhatia's cool enough.

Never said Delhi aren't favourites still. Just that things look more balanced now.

Everywhere I look there're people who don't want Chennai to win - even in Chennai! The horror!!

richie_141 said...

On a slightly related note, I'm detecting a special relationship between AB and our own Davy Warner. I first got some vibes when Davy was sub fielder in a previous game, but now I'm almost certain.

Keep your eyes peeled, peeps...

missjane said...

re the saying: these days it might make more sense to say "you can't eat your cake and keep it." if you eat a cake, you don't have it anymore; so if someone gives you cake you have to decide between eating it, and having it.

it's not really appropriate use of the saying in this situation, because it's not actually a binary decision.

err, sorry, kinda picky.

rhoe said...

Rajasthan... :)

Nice score by CSK. Should be a cracker of a chase!

Amy said...

Devastated, folks. Chennai want to throw everything away.

Maithreyi, the odds have swung irreversibly in Delhi's favour, methinks.

Raj, well, looks like your team is going to jump to the top of the rankings now.

Richie, Noticed the AB/David thing too. Interesting.

MJ, that's fine, I welcome any analysis of that ridiculous phrase and am willing to give research grants to all those willing to disprove it.

Rhoe, on this ground, Delhi will sail to victory. Unless a miracle occurs, which it probably won't, being a miracle.