Sunday, 14 June 2009


I'm not talking about Doug Bollinger here, but apparently someone over at Page 2 on Cricinfo thinks AB de Villiers would make a good Chucky.

First of all, what? Second of all, I don't exactly agree but the description is funny as hell:
AB de Villiers may not have the crazy eyes of the doll (part of a series called Good Guys) from Child's Play, but any casting director worth his salt can see how well the South African batsman with the choirboy looks would make a bone-chilling slasher by night, to go with his batsman-slaughterer persona by day. In the twilight hours, de Villiers changes his cricket whites for bloody overalls and pulls out a knife concealed in his bat handle, before going on a killing spree, targeting music critics who've been less than kind to his singing career. Yeah, AB, show them who you (really) are.
There is absolutely nothing better than taking the piss out of die AB's song.

Still, I can think of a dozen better cricketers to be perfect players by day and serial killers at night. The one that springs to mind first is Sybrand Engelbrecht. In fact, I do believe I had detailed this secret part of his life in a previous post of mine. The Ghost of the Knight, that's what he is.

The rest of the article gets a lot wrong, but points for trying. Any valiant movie watcher who combines that knowledge with cricket could come up with a better list. Yes, valiant.


Esra_Star said...

Sure AB has innocent down but if you want serial killer types you can't go past Andre Nel or ROFL surely?

Even Dirk or Katich could pull off the killer look quite easily.

But still anyone who takes the piss out of AB will be welcome on this blog won't they Amy?

boncam said...

Baz 007....:)
I think Gayle would be a great terminator.

Smithy is trying to get rid of Stuart Broad.

boncam said...

Andre couldnt pull off Chucky, but Gunther on the other hand....I miss Nel.

Amy said...

Esra, I'd welcome them with open arms. AB fans can come too, but I'm naturally inclined to like the others from the start.

Boncam, I think they got the Godfather wrong. Chucky is solely Dougie's territory, in my belief.

achettup said...

Cheap imitation Amy Ss' will never be appreciated. I believe the same author once referred to Sreesanth as one of the sexiest cricketers ever, so she's got dementia to go along with her weird sense of humor.

See what you've done, you've made it hip to bag AB. I know your evil plan, you're hoping for the day when everyone will hate him and then you will suddenly offer him solace.

Amy said...

Yes, but just as he thinks he's finally found one friend, I will stab him in the back. Not literally, but I will. And then AB will lose all faith in cricket and will retire to Table Mountain to live as a hermit.

Crownish said...

I once had a nightmare in which Shahid Afridi was a crazed knifeman/wolverine and he went on a rampage and the paramilitary had to be called in but ultimately an angry mob lynched him in the town square.

True story.

Amy said...

I once had the same, only replaced with Shoaib Akhtar. It was far creepier then.