Thursday 23 April 2009

Drool, fool, burp

Alright! Here's how you blog about cricket, ladies:
Cheerleaders may attract more men to the IPL but who brings the girls in? Here are XI IPL hotties who get the ladies giggling and tossing their hair.
Now, while I'm not going to deny that a good looking sportsman will bring in the female viewers, it's quite an extraordinary sight to imagine ladies "giggling and tossing their hair" either at a player on the ground or at their television screen.

The article is some sort of strange combination of relevant insights into players and drooling over this theme team. It's right at times and just completely wrong at other times. Take, for example, the description of Dan Vettori:
Contrary to popular belief, us girls aren't fixated on men with rippling muscles and washboard abs. No, not if Dan walks into the room. His bespectacled look and slow, deliberate manner of speaking are guaranteed to make you go "aww" and wish you could take him home to Mum.
Half of that is right. The other half is just plain weird.

Not to mention AB making the cut. On looks alone, yeah alright, if you happen to look at the right time.

Brett Lee makes "pretty girls look like hags". Not sure what the intention of that was.

Dale Steyn is "blond". Not in my world.

And apparently Sangakkara the cricket makes the list. The list of men who make girls "giggle and toss their hair". Would you giggle and toss your hair for Sangakkara? I wouldn't. If anything, I'd ask him to play Twister. He looks like a Twister person.

If you were going to make a list like this, there were better options for it.

The article is something I'd expect to see in a women's mag or on Cricket Australia's website, not on Cricinfo.



Esra_Star said...

Dravid? Really. If you like them old...

I'd agree with 4 on the list. But some of the others are a long way off.

More importantly Amy where is Albie?

Amy said...

Actually, I'd say Dravid is on the list. You can't deny him that, he's like a quietly classy charmer. But their whipped cream thing when associated with Dravid is disturbing.

And as for Albie, he's still a low flier apparently. At least they didn't put Morne on.

Harish Krishnan said...


We are covering the Social Media Conversations of IPL 09 at and your blog is featured there amongst the selected few. Keep posting such great stuff :).


Amy said...

Cheers Harish, thanks for having me there.

Q said...

Woah thats AB and Steyn in public.. taking their love off the ground?

Amy said...

I hadn't even thought about that before you mentioned it. But wow.

Maithreyi said...

About Steyn and AB... what's with the zombie look? For a moment I thought they were incredibly made mannequins. The lighting, perhaps?

Any list catalouging the good-looking men of cricket that has Dhoni in it is complete, in my eyes.

(Although, yes, I never understood the allure that Dravid possesses. Most of my friends seem to have a had a crush on him at some point or the other and seem shocked when I tell them I never have.)

Amy said...

Steyn is already a zombie, what with the incredibly fast signs of ageing and all.

And the Dravid thing, I don't even quite know myself, but there is something there.

Lulu said...

''s quite an extraordinary sight to imagine ladies "giggling and tossing their hair".'

Uh... maybe not, ahem...

But, JP Duminy - "He's a mama's boy and needs his blanket when at home"

Either I'm weird, or that list is wrong.

Amy said...

Don't worry, the list is wrong :)

Yasmeen Kalverts said...

uhm shane watson
shaun marsh
jacob oram
breandon mccullum
you can't leave these out!

Amy said...

Well, they had Brendon McCullum.

Sara said...

This is for you Amy:

Amy said...

You're a legend.

Sara said...

Always a Pleasure to reveal all this Love Saga facts!